(Sung in Kalenjin)

Kitieni tiendab boiboyet, amu yetindenyo
(We sing a song of joy because of our savior)
Kicham kochorgei eng barak, kome amu achek
(He left heaven and came to earth for our sake)

Kiboiboi, kiboiboi amu yetindenyo
(We rejoice because of our savior)
kiboiboi, o kiboiboi eng’ mugulelwekcho
(We rejoice, we rejoice in our hearts)

Kagurook yetindet nguno, Obwa ogas ngalek
(The Lord is calling you today, Come and hear the Word)
isobi Jesu chi tugul, ne taache ngalek chi
(Jesus lives in everyone who accepts these words)
Osigu ra che kaogas, Obwanji jehova
(Follow Him, those who’ve listened. Follow the Lord)
Ng’alekab yetunet amu maonok chi
(The living word that cannot be broken (?))


Ye mi yetindet kobotech, makiwei nyalil
(When the Lord is with us, we do not fear trouble)
Amu ikimitech ine, eng kaimutikcho
(Because He is with us, in our every trial)
Mi bik che chang che tomo kogas, ng’alekab yetunet
(A lot of people have yet to hear the good news)
Obwa kemwaite logoiwek, keot yetindenyo
(Come, let us speak of the fruits, )


Mi bik che tomo kogas, ng’alekab yetunet
(There are people who haven’t heard the good news)
Obwanjin jehova ngunoto,amu maonok cho (Bring the Lord to them)
Obwa, obwa, ogas ng’alech (Come, Come and listen to the word)
Obwanjin jehova ngunoto, amu maonok chi
(Come to the Lord now, for no man is like Him(?))