Jehova Kasweech

Kaswech, Jehova Kaswech, (Listen to us Jehovah)
Kaswech, kaswech Sautik (Listen to our cries)
Ye kiguurin eng’ kayanet, (When we call to you in faith)
Ikaswech sautik cho (Listen to our cries)(x4)

Mi sigik che rirchinin Baba (There are parents crying unto you Father)
Che rirchin amu lagokwak (That cry for the sake of their children)
Che kigong’em ine bunyondet (That have been lost because of satan)
Eng’ atebe nebo ng’onyuni (Because of wordly pleasures)
Mako somanet ak magotegis (They dont go to school, nor work hard)
Jehova sorun asi malusyo (Father save them so they don’t get lost)
Amun inye itinye rirenet (Because you are merciful)
Ak mami kiy ne temenen (And there is nothing too hard for you)


Verse 2:

Sorun emet nyo Jehova sorun bik cho (Save our nation father & our people)
Asi kotegesin kotienengei (So they acknowledge you in all their ways(?))
Bare chi tupchenyi ngobar chitab kok (brother killing brother, neighbor killing neighbor)
Ketumde korotik che matinyei lelu (Shedding innocent blood)
Kasweech laitoriat nebo kalyet,(Listen to us prince of peace)
Igonech kalyet ak nyoetab kaat(Give us peace and forgiveness)
Asi malusi bik neo chube,(So that the people will not be cursed)
Kasweech Baba kiguurin kisoe(Listen to us father we call you, we pray)


Verse 3:
Kasi mosogek rirekwak (Listen to the cries of the widows)
Lagok kwananik che matinyei sigik (Orphaned children without parents)
Che kigerebe imandang’wang(whose faith has been weakened)
Ke nyalil ak makimagange kiy(They suffer and no one cares)
Kemwa ile kwandap che matinyei kwan(you said that you are the father to the fatherless)
Iman i ngotyot ak mosogek (True, you are the husband to the widows)
Kasweech baba igochi imandang’wang'(Father listen to them and bless their faith)
Amun inye matinyei kalotunet (Because you are a fair God)