Wanga Murena (The Lord is Mine) Lyrics by Solly Mahlangu


(Sung in Venda)

Refrain: Wanga Murena (The Lord is Mine)

Ndi wanga Murena (wanga murena) (The Lord is Mine)
Wanga Murena (wanga murena)(The Lord is Mine) (Repeat)

Ndidofa ndo mufarelela (I will die holding on to Him)
Ndo mufarelela (I will hold on to Him)


Farelela, farelela, wanga murena (Repeat)
(I will hold on, hold on, the Lord is mine)

Luimbo lwa Sione (Amen, Halleluya)(Repeat)
(The song of Zion (Amen, Halleluya)

Wonder God Lyrics by Sonnie Badu


Free Download Here (From Sonnie’s Site)

(Some Pidgin [pdg], and Yoruba[yrb] used as well)

Papa /Daddy O, wetin na don’t do? (pdg: What can’t you do?)
You bless me, my life you make better
Oh what shall I render, unto the Lord?
For all the good things you have done for me (Repeat)

The things that you go do for me, nobody can do
The miracles up in my way, you […?…]
Eledumare, [yrb:Creator of the universe] nothing compares to you
Kabiye osi [yrb:Almighty God], you’re a wonder in my life

I’ve never seen this kind God before
(Wonder, wonder, wonder, wonder)

Jesus (Nawa o, nawa ya o) [yrb:I’m amazed] x5

(Verse 2)

Oh Eledumare [yrb:Creator of the universe]
Oh Ta lo dabi re? [yrb:Who is like you?]
Ahh Washuba rerewo [..?..]
Kabiye osi [yrb:Almighty God] (Baba) (x?)

(Verse 2)

Sobei Jesu/Cheiso (Jesus Lives) Lyrics by Emmy Kosgei

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(Sung in Kalenjin)

Eh, hey Sobei cheiso

Sobei Jesu, Sobei Jesu, Sobei Jesu (Jesus is alive)
Ak mamitei kiy ne temenen o (And nothing is impossible with Him)

Tos ne ye isome? Ne noto iminy? (What are you praying for? What troubles you?)
Kale Jesu, ibun miletabung’un, (Jesus said, bring all your burdens to)
Som ak sigegonin, Ikonygony as sigeyatun(Ask:you’d be given, knock:it’d be opened)
Agei tugul isomei, Kigochin mwae Jehovah(What you ask you’ll be given says the Lord)
Inan agobo Hannah, kirorechi Penninah (Remember Hannah; how Peninah jeered her)
Ago eng Iet – kigochi werit Samuel (Yet at the end – she was given the son Samuel)
Kimitun, telel imangu Jesu (He’ll meet you; Stand firm and wait on Jesus)
Sobei Jesu, ma ko lo asikolawalun (Jesus is alive, it will not be long that He’ll answer)


Kiinyalil kiber akike sastainen (You’re discouraged and feeling abandoned)
Kitugul ne iyae mebore ak mekesei (Everything that you does not flourish)
Amengomen muguleldab kayane (Do not lose the heart of faith)
Amengeisten kwane walutik (And do not give up your hope)
Kasartab kiptaiyat, ko notok ne chamat (God’s timing is that of love)
Igen name tabtabten amu sabei Jesu (Hold on and wait, because Jesus lives)
Neging’et lazaro, kiwal bek koek divai (He raised Lazarus & changed water to wine)
Kipchenyak ne birir (He who parted the Red Sea…)


Refrain: Sobei Jesu, ak mamitei kiy ne temenen o
(Jesus lives, and nothing is impossible for Him)

Kiichengate kerichek kolenjin daktari mami
(You’ve searched for cure, the doctors says there’s none)
Kiichengate boisiek kelenjin mamitei boisio
(You’ve looked for work and been told there’s none)
Kiibet lagoguk, kibet eng’ (?) ak magosomanet
(You’ve lost your children to the world)
Kas amwaun, kas amwaun, ale: angen ale
(Listen as I tell you that I know that)
Sobei, Sobei Jesu (He lives, Jesus lives)


Kubobonke oThixo (Amongst other gods) Lyrics by Benjamin Dube


Sung in Xhosa:
Kubobonke oThixo (Amongst all other gods)
Akekho onjengawe (There is no one like You)
Kuba yinceba zakhe  (His love and mercies)
Zimi nguna phakade (Endures forever) x2

Sung in Zulu:
Uyinkosi yezulu (You are the Lord of heaven)
Uphakeme kakhulu (You are highly exalted)
Ngizolibonga nkosi yami (My God I bless)
Elakho igama (Your name)

Brûle En Moi (Burn in Me) Lyrics by Schekina

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(Sung in French)

Refrain: Il est bon (He is good)

Ai Jesus est bon eh (Ah Jesus is good eh)
Oui le fils de dieu est bon eh (Yes the son of God is good)
Oh mon sauveur est bon eh (Oh my Savior is good)
Oui mon rédempteur est bon eh (Yes, my redeemer is good)
Oui il m’a sauvé; il est bon mon eh (Yes he saved me, He is good)
Il m’a racheté; il est bon eh (He bought me, He is good)
Il m’a délivré; il bon eh (He delivered me, He is good)
Oh mon sauveur est bon eh (Oh my savior is good)
Ai ai ai eh (x4)

Oh Emmanuel est bon eh (Oh Emmanuel is good eh)
Il est l’étoile brillante du matin (He is the bright morning star)
Le soleil de justice,L’admirable conseiller (The righteous sun, the wonderful counselor)
Le lion de la tribu de Juda eh (The Lion of the tribe of Judah eh)
Ai ai ai eh (x?)

Il est bon (He is good) (x3)
Envoie ta puissance sur nous (Send your power over us)
oh esprit de dieu (Oh Spirit of God)
consume en nous le péché (Burns our sins)
et purifie nos âmes (And purifies our souls)
met en nous ta flamme et ton sel (Give us your flame and your salt)
Et baptisé nous de feu(And baptizes us in fire)

Le feu est allumé aujourd’hui (The fire is lit today) (x3)
Chantons alleluia le feu est allumé (Sing Hallelujah the fire is lit) (x2)

Que ton feu son seigneur, brûle en moi (That your fire my Lord, burns in me) (x2)
Brûle en moi (Burn in me) (x?)

Le feu est allumé aujourd’hui (The fire is lit today)
Allumé, et cela pour toujours (Alight now and forever)
Le saint esprit, est descendu sur nous (The Holy Spirit came into us)
Chantons alleluia le feu est allumé (sing Hallelujah, the fire is lit) (x2)

Que ton feu, seigneur (Lord, let your fire)
Brûle en moi (burn in me) (x?)

Brûle eh eh eh  (Burn eh)
Dans ma tête oh , Dans mon cœur (On my head, in my heart )
Dans mes pieds oh , Dans mon âme oh (On my feet, in my soul)
Dans mon pays oh, Dans nos foyers (In my country, in our homes)
Dans schekina eh, Dans mon ministère (On Shekina, on my ministry )
Brûle en moi (Burn in me) (x?)

Fais descendre ta puissance (Pour out your power)
Fais descendre ton onction (Send down your anointing)
Fais descendre ta grâce (Pour out your grace)
Fais descendre ton esprit (Pour out your spirit)
Fais descendre ta flamme (Send down your flame)

Attention eh! (Listen!) (x2)
La gloire de dieu est descendu eh (The glory of God came down)
L’onction de divine est descendu eh (The anointing of God came down)
Recevez (Receive it) (x?)

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