Thank you Jesus Lyrics by Rebecca Malope


Thank you Jesus, praise you Savior
We will bow to you till the end of time
Glory! Glory! Praise that speaks to you
We can never make it without you in our lives

Forever you are the king
Forever you are our Master
That is the reason we’re bowing down to you
Forever you’ll be the King
Forever you’ll be the Master

Yes its you; your love,
your kindness, your mercy
We have to lay (..?), everlasting love
We don’t have words enough
To thank you our Father
Here we are; your children
Singing praises to you


Kamba (Chains/Bondage) Lyrics by Sylvia Wambui

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(Sung in Swahili)

Kamba za mauti zilinizunguka mie (The chains of death surrounded me)
Mafuriko ya maovu yakanitia hofu (The flood of evil made me afraid)
Kamba za mauti zilinizunguka mie (The chains of death surrounded me)
Mitego ya mauti ikanikaribia mimi (The trap of death neared me)
Niliona shida,Niliona taabu (I saw trouble, I saw suffering)
Nikakuita Bwana wangu na wewe ukaitika (I called you my Lord, and you answered)

Kumuacha Bwana sio kuzuri Baba/Mama yangu (Leaving Him is not good dad/mum) x2
Nilimuacha mimi, nilipata shida/taabu (I left Him and suffered/troubled) x2

Nikakimbia kimbia kwake Yesu/Baba (So I ran to Jesus/Father) x2

(Refrain)  +  (Verse)

Parapanda ya Bwana (The Lord’s Trumpet) Lyrics by Ambassadors of Christ Choir


(Sung in Swahili)

Parapanda ya Bwana ii karibu (The Lord’s trumpet is near)
Parapanda karibu kusikika (The trumpet shall be heard soon)
Wazima wote watasikia (All who live shall hear it)
Na waliokufa wote wafufuke (Those who are dead shall rise)
Walomsubiri watavikwa taji zilizong’aa (Those who waited for Him will be crowned)
Bali waovu wataukimbia uso wake (But the evil shall flee His face)

Tutamwona mfalme wetu Yesu, akirudi (We shall see our kings’ return)
Tutafurahi, tupumzike, wote tuloshinda (We’ll rejoice and rest all who’ve conquered)
Nao malaika wote, wapige panda (The angels shall sound the trumpets)
Nyingi za ushindi (With resounding joy)
Na tutaruka mawinguni (And we shall rejoice in the clouds)
Tumlaki mfalme wetu (While meeting our King)

Watakaokuwa ni washindi,  Watafurahia ajabu (The winners shall rejoice)
Na majina yao yataitwa, Naye Yesu mwokozi wao (Their names called by Jesus their savior)
Wataruka kwa furaha angani (They shall jump for joy in the air)
Wakiongozwa naye Yesu (Led by Jesus)
Nyimbo tamu zitasikika angani (Sweet songs shall be heard)
Ndugu yangu usikose pale (My brother, do not miss it)

Utakuwa wapi siku hiyo ndugu? (Where will you be on that day?)
Utakuwa wapi siku hiyo? (Where will you be on that day?)
Mwokozi Yesu atakapoyaita (When our Savior Jesus shall call)
Majina yao aliowakomboa (The names of all He has saved)
Walio ya furaha mavazi katika damu ya Yesu (The ones who wear garments washed with His blood)
Wakavumilia hadi kufika mwisho (Those who persevered to the end)


In Verwondering (In Awe) Lyrics by Louis Brittz, Retief Burger, Neil Büchner & Helmut Meijer

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(Sung in Afrikaans)

Die Skepper sing sterre (The Creator sings and stars)
Wat boodevol hang (That fills up orchids (?) )
End dansend klou (And dancing cling)
Aan die nanag se wang  (Onto the dawn’s cheek)
Die spieël aan die hemel (The mirror in the sky)
Weerkaats en vertel:Hy is heir (Reflects it and declares: He is here.)

Die Skepper wek woode, (The Creator creates words)
Woorde wat leef (Words that live)
Hy laat Sy asem (He lets His breath)
Met mense verweef (Permeate into people)
Die heelal in die hemel (The universe in the sky)
En die heelal in my (And the universe in me)
Skree in die stilte: God is by my (Shout in the silence: God is in me!)

Sterre sing in verwondering (The stars sing in awe)
Wil eer aan God Is die hoogste bring (Bring glory to God in the highest)
En die hemelboog (The heavens bow)
Lig U Naam omhoog (And light up your  name )
U Majesteit skyn in heerlikheid (Your majesty shines in glory)
Wys die glans van U heiligheid(It shows the brightness of your glory)
Elke hemeling, elke sterweling,(Each heavenly and earthly being)
Sing in verwondering (Sings in awe)

My woorde het lankal (My words from long ago)
In sterrestof gekwyn (Have faded in the stardust)
My hart se flou pogings (The poor efforts of my heart)
In sterrereën verdwyn (Dissapeared in the star rain)
Die heelal in die hemel  (The universe in the sky)
En die heelal in my (And the universe in me)
Skree in de stilte: God is vir my (Shout in the silence: God is here!)


Hoe kan ons dan stilbly,(How can we be silent,)
As wentelbane buig? (As the orbits bow?)
As hemelkore jubel, (As the heavenly chorus sings,)
En sterre stelsels juig? (And the galaxies rejoice?)
Hoe kan ons nog twyfel; (How can we doubt)
As son en maan getuig? (When the sun and the moon testify)
As alles om u wentel, (Everything revolves/orbits around you)
Hoe kan ons nog swyg (How then can we be silent?)


Kherubim (Cherubim) Lyrics by Zaza


(Sung in Zulu)

Ikherumim ne Seraphime (The Cherubim and the Seraphim)
Zona zibabaza mahl’ako   (They praise your name)
Zithlabel’ uHalleluya (They sing “Hallelujah”)
Zona zibabaza Mahla ako  (They praise your name)

Uyingcwele uphakeme (You are Holy, be lifted up)
Unamandla anginawo (You’re powerful, I am nothing)
Sith’uyingcwele uphakeme (You are Holy, be lifted up)
Unamandla anginawo (You are powerful, I am nothing)

Uyingcwele simakade (My God you are Holy)
Uyingcwele Nkosi ya makhosi (You are Holy King of kings)
Angekho fanana nawe  (There’s no one like you) x?

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