(Sung in Afrikaans)

Roep Sy Naam (Call His Name)
In jou omstandigheid (In your situation)
Roep Sy Naam (Call His Name)
In jou verdrukking (In your tribulation)
Roep Sy Naam, roep Sy Naam! (Call His Name, Call His Name!)
Roep Sy Naam, roep net Sy Naam (Call His Name, just call on His Name)

Niks is ontmootlik (Nothing is impossible)
In Sy Naam (In His name)
Hoef nie te vrees (No need to worry)
Hoef niks te twyfel (Do not doubt)
Want in Sy woord (For in His Word)
Beloof Hy mooi (He promises beautiful)
Kom na My, met al jou pyn (Come to me, with all your pain)
Kom na My, kom na My (Come to Me, come to Me!)