Papa (Father) Lyrics by Semeiyan Kaorri ft. Emmy Kosgei

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(Languages: Maasai, Kalenjin)

Ye Papa, Papa (Father, Father)
Mikiteseremi Enkai (Receive my Worship)
Enkai nabo te uni (God three in one)
Mikile punyeki Enkai (Be glorified) (Repeat)

Ira iyie magilani (For You are Great)
Enkai nabore enkitoo (Powerful God)
Enkai nabore orngur (God full of mercy)
Enkai nanyorisho (God of Love)
Yie ake seremi nening (Accept my worship)
Enkai naisiligayu (God my ? )
Iyie ake emeriri oltaulai (My heart exalts You)
Iyie akebiko oltau lai (My heart lives for You)


— In Kalenjin
Iye baba itororin sobondanyu (My soul exalts You Father)
Kecheiyat nebo karon (The Morning Star)
Momi ake neuinye (There is none like You)
Itilil ako itoror ako ilaitoriani (You are Holy, You are Great, You reign)
Nengunge torornatet (The praises are Yours)
Kaimariri enkai (I exalt You God)



Saluutik (Praise) Lyrics by Emmy Kosgei

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(Languages: Kalenjin, Swahili)

Kanyo asiatienun (I have come before You to sing to You)
Akagonin kalasunot eh (And to give You praise)
Kanyo asiasalin eh (I have come that I may worship You)
Akagonin kalasunot (And to give You praise) (Repeat)

Otienjin Jehova, eng’ kutitab boiboiyet
(Sing to the Lord with joyful sounds)
Ak obe seremusyekyik Baba, ak kaitai Kongoi
(And enter the Father’s courts with Thanksgiving)
Bo tainanin konyo keerin
(The one who causes an earthquake by his look)
Twaei tuloonook ak koiyenso
(The mountains erupt by His touch)
Kiwe let akibaibai kobusonet
(The one who walks on the wings of the wind)
Akwerun kibukandet ak kinuurenun
(Praise Him with string and wind instruments)


Nyota ya asubuhi, ua la Sharoni
(The Morning Star, the Rose of Sharon)
Wewe uwa la bondeni, wa mkate wa uzima
(You are the Lily of the valley, the Bread of Life)
Nyota isiyoshuka, wewe Simba wa Yuda
(The Star that does not fade, You are the Lion of Judah)
Wewe jiwe la pembeni, nimekuja kukupamba
(You are the Rock of Ages, I have come to adore You)

Nimekuja kukupamba, nikupe ibaada ya sifa
(I have to adore You, and give you a session of praise)
Nimekuja kukupamba, nikupe ibaada ya sifa
(I have to adore You, and give you a session of praise) (Repeat)

Repeat: Nikupe ibaada ya sifa (To give You a session of praise)
Tunaungana na maserafi na makerubi (We join with the Cherubim and the Seraphim)
Tunainama, tunainuka tukisema wewe (We bow, and raise saying – only You)
Cheptailel chebo kipkoek chebo mirinyo (Powerful God, God of War)
Eh Yelele, Yelele, Yelele
Mtakatifu wa Isiraeli (The Holy one of Israel)
Chebo kolong’, Chebo Kolong’ (Glorius as the Sun)

Ng’eet Akiiluu (Arise and Shine) Lyrics by Emmy Kosgei

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(Sung in Kalenjin)

Ng’eet Akiilu, ng’eet akiilu (Arise and shine)
For the Glory of the Lord has risen up on you
Ng’eet o, akiilu (Arise and shine)

Logoiwech che miach, Eh bororyo (Good news, brethren)
Inye ne iratat, inye ne inyorot (To the bound and captive)
Kige wirta wirten, ma itinye kamang’uno (You’ve been bruised, with no hope)
Ime mesundeito, ma i kereter (You’ve been burdened, and see no future)
Lekleten nyigisindet (Lay down your burden)
It’s a new season, It’s a new beginning


Kenyit nito ne chamat, Kenyi nito nebo kiptaiyat
(This is a blessed year, a year of the Lord)
Makororoptoi asistang’ung’, ama komeny araweng’ung’
(Neither your sun or your moon will harm you)
Agoi kesuge betusie chebo rirek (Until the days of mourning end)
Ne ka tai oret kilagu chepkule ne bo lelesta (And we are crowned with crowns of praise)
Ak ingoryet nebo kalosunet (And the garment of praise)


Arise and shine for your light has come
And the Glory of the Lord has risen up on you
It’s a new beginning its a new dawn
Its a year of restoration, the year of jubilee
Beautiful ashes, an ode of joy and a garment of joy
Will give you, Arise!


Jerusalem Lyrics by Emmy Kosgei


(Sung in Kalenjin)

Kimi rutoito, kimite banda o (We are pilgrims, we are travelling)
Kibendi gaa Jerusalem (We are going home, to Jerusalem)

Ngonyuni Kimite, koma nenyonet (This world is not ours)
Kiwo kochobwech Jeso nenyonet koret (Jesus has gone to prepare us a home)
Asi ole mi, kemi ak echei (So that where He is, we may be also)
Kimite rutoito, kimitei banda o (We are pilgrims, we are on a journey)


Betusiekap chi ko nwagen eng’ ng’onyuni (The days of man are few on earth)
U sogek che restos, urwet che labati (It is like withering grass, or a passing shadow)
Tos ichobotu kimwa ko bo ile (Do you fight as he commanded?)
Kataruget ne mie, ageni kutwet o (I fight the good fight, I await my crown)


Ara ongigilgei, onge chechem banda o (So we should carry on,  and press forward)
Amu mi Jeso kobotech agoi kagesuno (For Jesus is with us until the end)
Ogerro nyone Jesu, nam mising’ noto itinye (Look Jesus is coming, hold closely to what you have)
Asi magibenek chi, Utweng’ung’ (That no-one may steal your crown)


Twende Kazi (Let’s Go) by Daddy Owen, Denno, Danny, Emmy Kosgei, Miss Karun, Wyre

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(A follow up to the song “Mbona”)
(Sung in Swahili)

Verse 1:
Mi si mnyonge: Naona mbali – akili timamu
(I am not helpless: I have vision – my mind is sound)
Niko fiti, niko poa (I am fit, I am well)
Mi si myonge naenda mbali mwili nina nguvu
Niko fiti, niko poa (I am fit, I am well)
Siogopi (I am not afraid of) the challenge ‘cause I will overcome
Nipe nafasi (Give me a chance)and watch me overcome

Twende kazi (let’s get to work!), am ready ready ready
Niko able usinichuje boss (I’m able don’t discriminate me)
Chapa kazi (let’s get down to work) I am ready ready
niko capable usinilenge boss (I’m capable don’t discriminate me)

Verse 2:
Mi si myonge nasikia mengi ninafanya mambo
(I am not helpless, I am aware of opportunities I am doing great things)
Niko fiti, niko poa (I am fit, I am well)
Mi si myonge nishafika sasa mimi na wewe
(I am not helpless, I am here: It’s me and you)
Niko fiti, niko poa (I am fit, I am well)
Siogopi (I am not afraid of) the challenge ‘cause I will overcome
Nipe nafasi (Give me a chance)and watch me overcome


I don’t need your sympathy I just need opportunities
You know I can, You know I am able school work field
Yes I can just like you

Verse 3:
Ideas ni fresh tena kibao basi nipe nafasi nina mambo
(My ideas are fresh and great. Give me a chance I’ll show you)
Gimme chance pon di school, pon di work, pon di field
(Give me a chance at school, at work, in the field)
Waafi see the fruits of mi labor fi yield
(And you’ll see the fruits of my labor yield)
You never know I could be the next leader
You never know from which hand you coud feed
So don’t look at me like you are more senior
’cause in the end same air we breathe – a
Nipe nafasi (give me a chance)

Alakara (Celebrate) Lyrics By Emmy Kosgei


(Sung in Turkana)

Eruko alakara, alakara ee (Come let us celebrate, celebrate)
Alakara alakara, Alakara ka yesu (Celebrate celebrate, Celebrate Jesus)
Echuro echuro, alakara ee (With song, with song, celebrate)
alakara alakara, alakara ka yesu (Celebrate celebrate, Celebrate Jesus)
Emumori, emumori, alakara ee (With dance, with dance, celebrate)
Alakara alakara, Alakara ka yesu (Celebrate celebrate, Celebrate Jesus)

Achakara ayong’ana kisech kato Yesu (I was a sinner once, Jesus saved me)
Mama kigeno, tarau Yesu a kigeno kam (Jesus gave me hope and Joy)
Toko na eruko, alakara kotere Yesu
Ating’itayong’ alakara, alakara ka Yesu
Achakara ayong’ana kisech kateo Yesu
Ating’itayong’ Ating’itayong’ alakara i,
Ating’i, Ating’itayong aiundo

alakara ee, Alakara alakara, Alakara ka yesu
(Celebrate celebrate, Celebrate Jesus)
alakara ee, Alakara alakara, Alakara ka yesu
(Celebrate celebrate, Celebrate Jesus)
alakara ee, Alakara alakara, Alakara ka yesu
(Celebrate celebrate, Celebrate Jesus)

Ebele Yesu, Itame kang’ (Jesus has transformed my life)
Esya taba ataba tang’ (His is my rock, my rock of ages)
Epuro aiyong’ ekile Yesu (Lets praise Jesus for there is none like him)
Alakara, Alakara ka yesu (Celebrate, Celebrate Jesus)
Koting’itung’a, Eliba Yesu (There is no one like Jesus)
Emamu Yeche, nabo lekoni yongo
Aminayo, aminayo, Alakara ka Yesu
Ka Yesu, alakara ee, (For Jesus, Celebrate him)
Alakara alakara, Alakara ka yesu
(Celebrate celebrate, Celebrate Jesus)

Kaswech (Listen To Us) Lyrics by Emmy Kosgei with English Translation


Jehova Kasweech

Kaswech, Jehova Kaswech, (Listen to us Jehovah)
Kaswech, kaswech Sautik (Listen to our cries)
Ye kiguurin eng’ kayanet, (When we call to you in faith)
Ikaswech sautik cho (Listen to our cries)(x4)

Mi sigik che rirchinin Baba (There are parents crying unto you Father)
Che rirchin amu lagokwak (That cry for the sake of their children)
Che kigong’em ine bunyondet (That have been lost because of satan)
Eng’ atebe nebo ng’onyuni (Because of wordly pleasures)
Mako somanet ak magotegis (They dont go to school, nor work hard)
Jehova sorun asi malusyo (Father save them so they don’t get lost)
Amun inye itinye rirenet (Because you are merciful)
Ak mami kiy ne temenen (And there is nothing too hard for you)


Verse 2:

Sorun emet nyo Jehova sorun bik cho (Save our nation father & our people)
Asi kotegesin kotienengei (So they acknowledge you in all their ways(?))
Bare chi tupchenyi ngobar chitab kok (brother killing brother, neighbor killing neighbor)
Ketumde korotik che matinyei lelu (Shedding innocent blood)
Kasweech laitoriat nebo kalyet,(Listen to us prince of peace)
Igonech kalyet ak nyoetab kaat(Give us peace and forgiveness)
Asi malusi bik neo chube,(So that the people will not be cursed)
Kasweech Baba kiguurin kisoe(Listen to us father we call you, we pray)


Verse 3:
Kasi mosogek rirekwak (Listen to the cries of the widows)
Lagok kwananik che matinyei sigik (Orphaned children without parents)
Che kigerebe imandang’wang(whose faith has been weakened)
Ke nyalil ak makimagange kiy(They suffer and no one cares)
Kemwa ile kwandap che matinyei kwan(you said that you are the father to the fatherless)
Iman i ngotyot ak mosogek (True, you are the husband to the widows)
Kasweech baba igochi imandang’wang'(Father listen to them and bless their faith)
Amun inye matinyei kalotunet (Because you are a fair God)


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