Ke Sikiloe Ke Jesu (I’m Leaning on Jesus) Lyrics by Judith Sephuma

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(Sung in Sotho – A Hymn)

Ke sekilwe ke Jeso (I’m leaning on Jesus)
Ke dutse ho yena (I am dwelling in Him)
Fubeng sa hae ka jeno (On His chest today)
Ke ya khatholoha (I find rest)

Ke a pere Lerato (I am wearing Love)
Ka matsatsi ohle (All the days)
Che, ha ke tshohe letho (No, I do not fear anything)
Ke dutse ho yena (I am dwelling in Him)

(Verse 1) x?

Held Me Up Lyrics by Benjamin Dube & Judith Sephuma


You are my Hiding Place;
I believe in Your word –
That I may live and not be ashamed
You held me; to save me
When I was down, You kept me up
To higher ground
In the valley, you will tug(?) me up;
Place me up

Held me up, and kept me up
Encouraged me, and believed me (Repeat)

You are my Hiding Place
You are my strength when I am weak Jesus
No one like you my Father
You took me to a higher place

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