Let everything that has breath
Praise You alone (Repeat)

Everything from the heavens below, praise the Name of God
Let everything praise the Name of the Lord
Everything that we see, praise the Almighty
Let us teach this to our children
Every single being, that is around us
Open up your voices and say, to the Lord Almighty
Oh let everything, every single thing within me
Open up your mouth and praise Him, Jesus is the king
Every little creature, oh praise the Name of the Lord
He is your Father, Our Provider
He is our King, Jehovah!
So praise Him alone, Jesus
Praise Him in the morning, praise Him when the sun rises
Praise Him when it sets

From the rising of the sun,
To the going down of the same
The Lord is worthy to be praised (Repeat)

The Lord is Worthy to be praised x?

Oh Jesus, Jesus is worthy to praised x?

El Shaddai, Adonai, He is worthy to be praised
He is the almighty God
Let every little creature, every living being
Let them praise the Name of the Lord
We owe all to Him x?
We will praise You as long as we breathe
As long as we live, as long as we sing
We shall praise You Jesus,
Bring back to You Jesus
We worship you King, nobody like You
So let everything