You Reign in Majesty Lyrics by PShantel and Preye Odede

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(Languages: English and Igbo)

Purer than gold; whiter than snow
Deeper than the ocean; wider than the sea
Higher than the mountain – You are my everything
You are great, You are kind

Oh Daddy, in You I put my trust
Chukwu Okike (God of Creation), for everything I am – I owe to You
Obinigwe (Most High)! There’s nothing impossible
Or too hard for You to do
You are bigger than what we call You

You’re bigger than our problems
Bigger than the pain
In heaven and the earth
You reign in majesty

Yahweh! The song is just for You
Yahweh! Although it can’t describe how awesome You are!
Idi ebube (Mighty God in battle)
Idi Omimi (Extraordinary God)
Look around, and see the clouds – You made them (Yahweh)
Look around, see the seas – You Made them
There’s nothing impossible,
Or too hard for You to do. Yahweh



Ndambararia (I Lift My Hands) Lyrics Sung by Kayamba Africa

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(Sung in Gĩkũyũ – A hymn)

Ndambararia moko makwa ndagooca rĩtwa rĩaku
(I lift my hands in praise of Your Name)
Mbere ya ndũrĩrĩ ciothe cia thĩ ĩno nĩguo ciigue
(Before all generations so that they hear)
Wega na ũtugi waku ũrĩa ũkinyagĩria andu aku
(Your Goodness and Grace reaches Your people)
Nĩndakũgooca nĩ tondũ we ũrĩ mwega
(I praise You, for You are good) (Repeat)

Nĩ ndakũgooca Mwathani, tondũ nĩwe Mũnyũmbi
(I praise you Lord for you created me)
We ũteithagia ngoro yakwa hindĩ ĩrĩa ĩgwetereire
(You set my heart at ease as I wait for you)
Rĩrĩa andũ mandiganĩirie ũkoragwo hamwe na niĩ
(When others forget me, You are there for me)
Nĩndakũgooca nĩ tondũ we ũrĩ mwega.
(I praise You, for You are good) (Repeat)

Loti erwo nĩ Iburahimu ethurire kũrĩa ekwenda
(Abraham and lot had too choose where to live)
Agĩthurĩra cianda-inĩ kũrĩa onaga gwĩ kwega
(Lot took the beautiful fertile looking plains)
Iburahimu akĩambata agatũre kĩrĩma-inĩ
(Abraham had to settle in the rough looking hills)
Ũkĩmũrathima nĩ tondũ we ũrĩ mwega
(But you blessed him, for You are good) (Repeat)


My Tomorrow Must Be Greater Than Today Lyrics by David Ekene

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My tomorrow must be greater than today x2

His hands are not short
That He can cannot reach to you
His eyes are never blind (that) He cannot see your tears
His ears are not deaf
That he cannot hear you cry
Your tomorrow must be greater than today

No matter what I face
No matter what I see
No matter what comes my way
No matter how I cry
One thing I know That is definitely in my heart
My tomorrow must be greater than today x2

(Hallelujah) I’m gonna sing in my/your tomorrow
(Hallelujah) I’m gonna dance in my/your tomorrow
(Hallelujah) I’m gonna testify in my/your tomorrow
One thing I know – that is definitely in my/your heart
My tomorrow must be greater than today x2


My tomorrow must be greater,
Far greater than today (Repeat)
I can see an open heaven
Pouring down blessing in my life
I can see x2 better tomorrow
Don’t you cry x2 Oh mama
I can see broken hearts are mended
I can see the could has gathered
Tomorrow x3
Tomorrow, check me out tomorrow x?

We give you Glory Lord Lyrics by John Sena

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We give You glory God as we Honor You x2
You are wonderful, You are worthy Oh God x2

We sing Your praises Lord, as we honor You x2
You are wonderful, You are worthy Oh God x2

Onise Iyanu (Miracle Worker) Lyrics by Nathaniel Bassey

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Onise Iyanu (Miracle Worker)
You are God of Awesome Wonders
I’ve tasted of Your Power
Onise Iyanu (Miracle Worker)
You have shown me so much mercy
Much more than I deserve

My eyes have seen, my ears have heard
The wonders of your Grace
Creation bows in awe of You
And we join to give You praise

The Words You speak turns things around
Your outstretched arm has lifted me
You took away the chains and cords
The held me bound


Omnicient, Omnipotent
The One who does great things
When I behold the things You do
I just can’t hold back my Praise

(Verse 2)


Iyanu (Iyanu)
Onise (Onise) x?



I’ve Tasted of the Lord Lyrics by James Kahero and Sifa Voices

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(Sung in Swahili)

I have tasted of the Lord
And I know that Jesus you are good (Repeat)

I know! I know! I know!
Yes I know that Jesus you are good (Repeat)

(Same Lyrics in Swahili)
Nimeonja huyu Yesu
Ninajua yeye ni mwema (Repeat)

Swahili Refrain:
Najua! Najua! Najua!
Ninajua Yeye ni mwema (Repeat)

Ukishampata Yesu (When You receive this Jesus)
Utajua yeye yu mwema (You will know that He is good)

(Swahili Refrain)

Ukimfuata huyu Yesu (When you follow this Jesus)
Utajua yeye yu mwema (you will know that He is good)

(Swahili Refrain)

Loduma Izulu (Thunder and Lightning) Lyrics By Mthunzi Namba and Joyous Celebration 13

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(Sung in Zulu – A Hymn)

Bhekani ku Jes’ongu Mholi, ke
(Look at Jesus as your leader)
Nophiwa amandla uyena he!
(And you shall be given power)
UJesu unathi ngomoya la
(Jesus is here with us in Spirit),
Kepha ke ngale sizombona he
(But we will see Him on the other side) (Repeat)

Yebo bakithi sombonga he
(Yes brethren we will see him on the other side)
Loduma izulu […]
(There will be thunder and lightning …)
UJes’ufanel’ubukhosi nje
(For Jesus is worthy of the throne)
Ehe wodunyiswa phezulu le
(Yes, He will be praised in Heaven) (Repeat)

Siqonda ekhaya nithini na?
(We are heading home, what do you say)
Masingathiyeki ngalutho la!
(Let nothing prevent us on that journey)
Nxa sikholwa lapha sobona le
(If we believe here, we will see Him over there)
Sohlala noJesu ku kuhle hle
(And stay with Jesus, oh how glorious) (Repeat)


Loduma izulu x3 (There will be Thunder and Lightning)
Jesu Jesu ma ebonakaliswa (When Jesus appears)


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