Ntate ke Mang (Who is Like My Father) Sung by Dumi Mkokstad

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(Sung in Sotho)

Ntate ke mang ya kang’ ka wena? (Father who is likened to You?)
O tshwanetse Ke thoriso (You are worthy of all the Praise)

O Morena wa marena (You are the Lord of lords)
O Kgosi ya dikgosi (You are the King of kings)
Mo lefatsheng, lemagodimong (On earth or in heaven)
Haona tswanang le Wena (There is no one like You) x?


Like Oil Lyrics by We Will Worship (WWW)

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I come before You, Just as I am
I lay me at Your Feet
I bring before You, All that I have
I lay it at Your Feet

You are worthy, worthy, worthy Lord
You are worthy worthy worthy so –
Praise like oil
For You I pour it out
For You I pour it out
I pour, I pour it out for You

I pour this perfume, not to impress
the people standing around
I pour this perfume,’cause of your worthiness
as I behold you now


It’s foolishness I know
But your foolishness is wiser than my wisest
Wiser, wiser (Repeat)


Nothing Without You Lyrics by Dr. Tumi

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If it had not been for the Lord
Who was always on my side
The enemy would have swallowed us
Would have drowned in their waters

But our souls have found an escape
A hiding place in You
The Fowler’s snare – is broken
Our help, is in the Name of the Lord

I’m nothing without You, without You,
You are the air that I breathe
Can’t live without You, without You Jesus
In You I live and move and have my being
Hosanna! to Jehovah,
You are the air that I breathe
Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
In You I live and move and have my being


Ziyosulwa Inyembezi (My Tears Wiped Away) Lyrics by Sabatha Masoka (Joyous Celebration)

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(Sung in Xhosa)

Xa bufik’ubumnyama (When darkness falls)
Nobubi emlhabeni (And evil fills the world)
Intliziyo yob’ilindele (My heart awaits)
Intsindiso noluncedo (For redemption and help)
Umasendiwelile (When I cross over)
Ngaphesheya Kwe-Jordane (To Jordan’s other shore)
Ingelosi Yob’ isindibiza (The Angels will call my name)
Etroneni kaYehova (Before Jehova’s Throne)

Ziyosulw’inyembezi (My tears will be wiped away)
Nokufa nezintsizi (Of sorrow and death)
Ayibalwa iminyaka (Neither the years)
Ubusuk’ abukho (Nor the nights will be counted)

Yonk’imihla yemihla (For the rest of my days)
Ndiyoculel’ iNkosi (I will sing of the Lord)
Inyembez’ zosulwe nya (Who wipes away all tears)
Uvalo luphele nya (All fear is gone)
Hla sengifika kuye(When I get before Him)
Yena wongibamba ngesandla (He will hold my hand)
Andomba’ this’ ingubo (And put his cover over me)
Besemina njalo ngihlale naye (And I will forever dwell with Him)


Ngipholise (Heal Me) Lyrics by S’fiso Ncwane


(Sung in Zulu)

Nkosi ngilimele, Ngipholise (Lord I am hurt, heal me)

Ngipholise, Ngipholise (Heal me, heal me)
Ngipholise lamanxeba (Heal my wounds)

Baba ngidinga wen’uzongpholisa (Father I need You to heal me)
Oh ngilimele enhliziyweni (My heart is wounded/broken)
Ngipholise lamanxeba (Heal my wounds)
Ubuhlungu obungaka, ngipholise (I’m in so much pain, heal me)
Ngipholise, ngipholise lamanxeba (Heal me, heal me, Heal my wounds)

Noma kubuhlungu nkosi yami (Even if it hurts, my Lord)
Inhliziyo yam’ iyaqaqamba (My heart aches constantly)
Ngiph’ isibindi Baba (wam’) (Give me strength father)
Ukuthi ng’kwazi ukuthethelela (So I can be able to forgive)

Jehova Elohim, Jehova Shalom
Mpholisi wamanxeba (The Healer of wounds)
Ngipholise lamanxeba (Heal my wounds)
Wena wedwa ulithemba lami (You are my only hope)
Uzongisul’ izinyembezi (You will wipe away my tears)
ngipholise lamanxeba (Heal my wounds)


Jehova we’ntandane, ngikhala kuwe (God of orphans, I cry unto you)
Ngikhala kuwe (I cry unto you) x2
Ngipholise lamanxeba (Heal my wounds)
Baba ngipholise, ngilimele bo (Heal me lord, I am hurt)
Ngilinyazwe ngabantu, ebengibathembile (I’ve been hurt by those I trust)
Ngipholise lamanxeba (Heal my wounds)


Ngilimazwe ngabantu engibathembayo (I’ve been hurt by those I trust)
Bangihlukumezile, Baba ngipholise (They abused me, Father heal me)
Ngipholise lamanxeba (Heal my wounds)
Ngilimazwe ngabantu engibathandayo (I’ve been hurt by those I love)


Woza uzongipholisa nkosi (Come and heal me)
Ngipholise, ngipholise (Heal me, heal me)
Ngipholise, Ngipholise la manxeba (Heal my wounds)

Ngilimazwe ngabantu engibathembayo (I’ve been hurt by Those I trust)


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