We Pray for More Lyrics by Ntokozo Mbambo

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God we need more, more
(Lord), We pray for more, more
God we need more, more
We pray for more, more (Repeat)

Response: Refrain
God we need more
More of You and less of us
May we decrease as You increase
God we need more
As the deer pants for the waters
So our souls long for You
We pray for more

Response: Refrain
Would You pour out Your Spirit
And let it fall afresh on Your people
Let them see more of You in us
God we need more
As we yield to Your purpose
As we yield to Your ways
Would you pour afresh on us
God we need more


Response: Refrain
Do what You think God
Something we’ve never felt before
Something we’ve never experienced before
We want to see Your Glory x2
Pour from Yourself God x2
More! More! More! More! More, God

We want more
We hunger and we thirst for more
Would you fill us oh God x2
Fill us oh God, Fill us with more of you
We’ve got to have more of You
We wanna have more of You
And nothing else would do
We got to have more of You
We wanna have more of You
We gotta have more of You
Nothing less would do

Father we surrender x3
We surrender x?

Have Your way in this place x3
We want more of You x2
Daddy, we want more
Nothing less would do
We want more of You x2


Aipotito Iyie (When I call) Lyrics by Semeiyan Kaorri

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(Sung in Maasai)

Enkai nanyor (A God that loves)
Olchore lai (My Friend)
Enkai nataana (A God who is near)
Tang’amuaki Papa (Accept me Lord) x2
Miking’uaa (Don’t leave me)

Papa le shumata (Father in Heaven)
Ekayiolo ajo itii ine (I know You are there)
Ekayiolo ajo ining’ito (I know You can Hear me)
Aipotito iyie (When I call)

Papa iyie ake aimariri (Father I will exalt you)
Hata te nkata e nyamali (Even in times of trouble)
Osotua lai lanyor (My Love)
Iyie ake nanu aipotito (Its you I am calling)
Papa tang’amuaki (Father accept me)
Mikincho nanu apong’ori (Don’t let me go astray)
Papa tushukuoki (Father bring me back)
Mikincho nanu alo (Don’t let me go)


Yenito yele tau lai (When my heart is tired)
Iyeng’iyeng’ieki (Grant me rest)
Tenenyamalu oltau lai (When my heart is troubled)
Nchooki eseriani (Grant me peace)
Ira iyie Enkai nasipa (You are the true God)
Olchore lai otaana (My close friend)
Ou inchiunyieki (Come and heal that part)
Ine wueji neme (That is hurting)


Blessings to Phoebe Nadu for providing the Original translation

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