Runaway Child Lyrics by Esther Chungu

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(Sung in Bemba)

Nali ku bumba, ne minwe shandi (I created you with my own hands)
Nali ku pela ishina lyandi (I gave you my name)
No ku ku panga umwana wandi (And made you my heir)
Nali ku bumba no ku ku pela ubumi (I created you and gave you life)
U ku ku samfya, u ku ku wamya, no ku ku temwa (I washed you,  cleansed you and loved you)

Nomba wile kwi, wemwana wandi (Now where have you gone, My child)
Nomba wile kwi ulubile kwi, (Where have you gone, ehere are you disappeared to)
‘Cause I want you back
You should think of my love and my grace,
I’m the only thing you need
You should think of my love and my grace,
I’m the only thing you need
Come back, come back, come back Runaway Child
Come back, come back, come back

I held you in my arms, I saw you smiling
I fell in love with you, I thought you loved me too
And I know it’s not easy but I’ll give you strength to fight
Don’t you hide when you’re hurting; let me heal you with my love


Oh the things you feel, I feel too
Oh the things you see, I see too
But my child, I’m all you need
so please come back home, please come back



Tukutendereza (We Praise You) by Esther Wahome


(Sung in Luganda, Zulu, Swahili & [?])

Tukutendereza,Tukutendereza Yesu (We praise you, we praise you Jesus) x2
Siyakudumisa, Siyakudumisa Yesu  (We praise you, we praise you Jesus) in Zulu
Tukutendereza,Tukutendereza (We praise you, we praise you Jesus) in Luganda

Jina lako limetukuka juu, juu sana (Your name is praised on high)in Swahili
Ndio maana ninakuabudu, nikisema tukutendereza (That is why I sing saying “praise you”)
Natotela, Natotela Lesa wandi (I thank my God) – In Bemba
Natotela, Natotela Tata wandi (I thank my Father)
Natotela, natotela (I give thanks, I give thanks)
Tata wandi Nalikutemwa (My Father, I love You)
Lesa wandi Nalikutemwa (My God, I love You)
Natotela, Natotela (I thank You)


Uwepo wako upo nami baba, hauniachi (Your anointing is with me, it won’t leave me)
Hauniachi, ee baba yangu (It won’t leave my my Father)
Ndo maana ninakuinua, tukutendereza (That is why I lift you up in praise)
Natoteela, lesawandi na likutemwa (?)
natotela, Natoteela, tatawandi na likutemwa (?)


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