Lyrics submitted by Peter Oni
(Non-English parts sung in Yoruba then Sotho)

I will lift your name Almighty God,
Cos you are too much you are the lover of my soul.(Repeat)
You are my alpha and omega,
I will praise your name, cos you dey make me wonder (Repeat)
You are my Lord, you are my father
I will lift you higher cos you dey raise me (repeat)

Lift him high/8x

I will praise you Lord (All; I will praise you Lord)
Forever I will praise you (I will praise you Lord) (Repeat)
you gave me joy,ooo, you gave me peace oooo,
you gave me victory (Forever I will praise you) (Repeat)

(Same translation in Yoruba)
Alagbaranlanla lolorun mi,
oba to se iyanu laiye me
Otuwa fi aiye mi se iyanu (repeat)

Iwo ni alpha ati omega,
ofunmi layo out wadami lola (repeat)
Olorun mi babababa mi, osegun fun mi ,out wag be mi
Egbe ga/8x

Emi o yin ooooo (emi oyi oooooooo)
Emi o yin ooooo (emi oyi oooooooo)
Titi aiye magbe o ga(emi oyi oooooooo)
All; Ofumi layo ,o segun fumi,
ogbe mile titi aiye ma gbe o ga

Isodumisa (isodumisa) – [in Sotho]