Well I know Lord it’s true
You’re the answer to my troubles
You’re the author and the finisher of my faith
The anchor of my life;
I’m gonna trust you my redeemer
My desire; precious Jesus
You’re familiar with my weakness

And I fix my hope upon you Jesus
You’re the author and finisher of my faith
I will trust in you all the days of my life
And I’m gonna reach to my home

I’m in the race
Moving on to you Father
No more turning back
I’m in the race to my destiny (Repeat)

Until I see you my redeemer
Until I see the Man who died for me
I will never lose my way
’cause I’m in the race to my destiny


For I believe my savior you live
I’m gonna run the race before me
Step by step to the winning line
I’m in the race to my Father