(Sung in Yoruba, Pidgin English)

Iyawo no get womb o (You have been barren)
Nurse say e get belle (The nurse says you’re now pregnant)
You don dey sick for long (You have been sick for a long time)
Doctor say you done well (The doctor now says You are better)
Bo se nsun bo se nji (That you sleep and wake up)
Se lasan lo pe? (Do you think it is by chance?)
Ojo nro orun yo (That rain falls and the sun shines)
Se lasan lo pe? (You think its by chance?)
Why you no come believe (Why do you not believe)
Say God dey? (And confess that God exists?)

Alagidi o ni kos’Olorun (A stubborn man says there is no God)
Arindin o ni kos’Olorun (A foolish man says there is no God)
Alaimokan, e talk say (An ignorant man says)
E talk say, God no dey  (Keeps saying, that there is no God)
O ti gbagbe pe orun yo (He has forgotten that the sun shines)
O ti gbagbe pe ojo nro (Forgotten that the rain falls)
O ti gbagbe pe’nikan lo dale o ati orun (Forgotten that someone created the heavens and the earth)

I’m looking down at the world from 24,000 feet
And the beauty makes me wonder why anyone will ever doubt
That somebody made the world and everything beautiful
Omase eniyan ti gbagbe atisun (Pity that man has forgotten the purpose of life)
Kilode to’gbagbo p’Olorun mbe? (Why do you believe that there is no God?)


There is a God, He lives in the heavens
There is a God, He lives in me
There is a God, He lives in the heavens
There is a God, He’s watching me (Repeat)

There is a God! x?
He lives in Me!