(Languages: English, Pidgin)

My life was a test, till I got my testimony
My life was a mess, till I got my success story
Your life is a test, till You get your testimony
My life is a mess, till You get your success story

Na You oh
You do goodu, goodu, goodu (You do Good)
You do weelu, weelu, weelu (You do very well)

(From the top)

This kind Love, na bless me over (blesses me to overflowing)
This kind Love, na take me higher (takes me higher)
This kind Love, na waya waya (is Wonderful)
This kind Love, O

Say nothing can separate
Separate me from Your Love
You’re the strong and present help

This kind Love na bless me over (over)
This kind Love na waya waya (waya waya) (is Wonderful)