(Languages: English, Twi)

My Everything lyrics by Joe

Oh oh oh… x4

How can I express my gratitude
All the many things You’ve done for me
Words are not enough to say thank You
Lord, You are my everything (Repeat)

I call You Jireh, Lord my Provider
I call You Nissi, You are my Banner
I call You Rapha, You are my Healer
Lord, You’re my everything (Repeat)

Twi Refrain:
Woyɛ m’ade nyinaa (You are my everything) x3
Oh, Woy3 made nyinaa (Oh, You are my everything)


Wo yɛ me guan kɔ bea (You are my Refuge)
M’aban denden, M’enidaso (My Strong Tower, My Hope)
Wo yɛ m’ahoɔden (You are my Strength)
M’ehinta bea (My Hiding Place)

My life is in Your hands
I can’t live without You
I can’t breathe without
I can’t move without You
Who am I without You?

(Twi Refrain)