(Sung in Swahili)

(Languages: English, Swahili)

Ninapo lala na amka (When I sleep and when I rise)
I’m not weary
Only you my God, You sustain me
Mbele zako n’ko sawa (Before You I am safe)
You make me stronger
Wanifaa, wanitosha nakuenzi (You fit me, and satisfy me, I adore)

Out of miry clay Lord You picked me
Ukanifinyanga, ukanijenga (You molded me and built me)
Only you can fill my void
Only you can satisfy
Only you I wanna praise
Only you make me stronger
Kwa kinywa changu wacha nikuimbie (From my mouth let me sing for You)

Umenitosha umenitosha, umenitosha Baba (You’ve satisfied me x2, You’ve satisfied me Father)
Umenitosha umenitosha, umeutosha moyo wangu (You’ve satisfied me, You’ve satisfied my heart)