When You come around
Your Glory will fill this temple (our lives, O Lord)
When You turn around
Your Glory will fill this place (Repeat)

In Your presence Lord, I will be set high
Victory is my portion, God will lift my head
Your words are my shield, You are perfect in all ways
You are my strength and my refuge, Lifter of my head


I see I see I see Your glory clearly
I know that, I know You love me dearly
Let Your glory come and let fire gbona feli
Oh very well ma ke hallelujah plenty
Emi orun wole de; it’s a testimony day
Jatijati run away; Hallelujah all the way
I will praise from beginning to the ending
Baba mi o, let Your glory yapa sir


Your Glory, Your Glory
Your Glory will fill this place
Your Presence, Your Presence
Your Presence will fill this place

Repeat: Bridge
Your Glory, Your Glory, Let Your power flow
When You turn around With You presence oh Lord.
Baba mito ponmile sir

Repeat: Bridge
When You come around he
When You come around, Oh Lord our God
Your glory will fill this place
When You turn around he
We cannot do it alone, Baba o ye oh.

Lyrics submitted by Olubusayo Akande