(Sung in Lingala)

Oh Emma eh fongolela n’gai lola
(Emmanuel opens the heavens gate for me)
Oh Emma eh sopelela n’gai kembo
(Oh Emmanuel, pour Your Glory on me)

Na yoki posa ko mata (I want to rise up)
Ya Ko mata, na Lola eh (Rise up to the heavens)
Oh Ya ko yemba (And to sing)
Ya ko yemba na ba ange (Sing with the angels)

Emmanuel mobali kitoko eh (Emmanuel we come with this song)
To ye lelo na n’zembo, Yahwe
(We pour our hearts to You, Lord)
To sopi mitema eh (Before Your throne)

Alleluia – Amen, Amen, Amen
Alleluia amen
Kumama na yo n’kolo (Glorify the Lord)