(Languages: English, Swahili)

You love, is higher than the mountain tops
Your strength, a river that won’t ever stop
Your mercy, is endless and covers every wrong
You are always and forever God (Repeat)

If it wasn’t for your love for us (Love for us)
We’d be drifting on the ocean, lost (Ocean, lost)
Your love has pulled us from the miry clay (miry clay)
The rock of ages who will never change

Everlasting Bwana (Lord)
Upendo wa milele (Everlasting Love)
Everlasting Baba (Father)
Neema ya milele (Forever Grace)
Everlasting Yesu (Jesus)
Rehema ya milele (Forever Merciful)
Everlasting, Milele na milele (Forever and forever)

Your name, has power, over everything
Your word, a fountain of everlasting peace
Your voice, is thunder, to the enemy
You are always and forever God



No one (no one), Nothing (nothing)
Compares to You, God
Your love (your love), Endures (endures)
For all of time