Who is worthy to break the seal?
None in heaven, or under the earth
Lion of Judah, Jesus
All of the Glory, all of the Power
And all the honor and blessing
belongs to You,
Lion of Judah, Jesus

(And) Oh how worthy
Oh how great You are
Jesus! Jesus! (Repeat)

Your Name be lifted high
Above every other name
Jesus you’re seated high
And we cry out, Holy! Holy! Holy!
All the praise, all the glory
Wisdom and Strength x2
Be unto You (Jesus), forever amen x2


(And) Heavens declare, Your Glory everywhere
Jesus!, Jesus!
All nations declare
Every knee, ever tongue, bow before You, Lord
Jesus! Jesus!
We proclaim
Your Name is lifted above every name

Chains are breaking, I hear them falling
We’ve got the freedom, Oh, we are free indeed
Jesus!, Jesus! (Repeat)

Miracles miracles, everywhere x3
Chains are breaking everywhere x3