Be grateful in all circumstances
For this is God’s will for you
Be grateful in all situations
For this is God’s will for you

Oh… I am grateful, Thank You Lord
Oh… I am thankful

(From the top)

Repeat: Refrain
Thank you for every open door, and every closed door, Thank You God
For always working for my good
Thank you for every door, for I know He’s working for my good
Thank you for every open door, thank you for every sickness healed, Thank You God
I thank You for my life, I thank You for family, I’m thankful for this moment right now
I know that I could be six feet under, but […?..] to life
Thank you God x3 Thank you for Your faithfulness
I’m grateful for my family, I’m grateful for my healing, Thank You God

Repeat: Siyabonga, siyabonga, (thank You) God I’m grateful, grateful
Thank you Lord, for restoring, for reclaiming, for redeeming, for healing
For seeing me through, for healing my wounds
For healing my depression, for opening doors
Lord I thank You, I thank You Lord
Thank You for this moment
So many would have loved to be here tonight: but You chose me
But you got me through God
You got me through my sickness
I’m grateful for loving me, I’m grateful for choosing me, thank You for everything You’ve done
Kea leboha Nkosi, kea leboha simakade (Thank You God, thank You Ancient of Days)
Thank you for my health