I speak, I say, “mountains be moved”
Valleys of death, I will walk right through
I live by faith– all I see is You
Jehovah Nissi (The Lord, our Banner)

Enemies I face, fight my every move
On my knees, I pray I will never lose
From the heap of clay, you have brought me through
Jehovah Nissi (The Lord, our Banner), we call on You

Yesu! Yesu!
You’re the Strong Name I run to
Yesu! Yesu!
All my help will come from You

It’s your Name that made me humble myself
It’s Your Name only that brought me to my wealth
Your Name: there’s nothing it cannot change
It’s Your Name Your Name, Your Name
To let go of me– You would rather die
In your hands, everything shall multiply
Resurrected, ascended to the sky
Didn’t know even death could be denied


There’s something you should know
He would rather die than let you go x3 (Repeat)