Covenant Keeping God Lyrics by Sonnie Badu


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(Non-English parts are sung in Twi)

Your name is Jehovah, Your name is Elohim
At the mention of your Name; Every knee must bow
At the mention of Your Name; Every tongue shall confess
That You are the Covenant Keeping God
There’s no one like You

Covenant keeping God, There’s no one like You
Alpha and Omega, There’s no one like You

God of Abraham, Jehovah Jireh…
You are the God of Jacob
God of Elijah, You answer by fire
You are the God of Daniel
You are my Covenant Keeping God
There’s no one like You


Wo din ne Yehova (Your name is Jehova)
Wo din ne ahuntahuno (Your is name to be feared)
Obiara nti s3 wo (You cannot be compared)
Nana br3br3 wo (Walk gently, my king (?))
Ya si Nana br3br3 wo (Walk gently, my king (?))
[.?.] br3br3 wo (Walk gently, my king (?))
Covenant keeping God, There is no one like You
My Alpha and Omega, There is no one like You


God Dey Bless Me (It is God that has Blessed Me) Lyrics by Cwesi Oteng


(Languages: English, Twi)

Refrain: E be God e dey bless me (It is God that has blessed me)

See the grace on me, the favor on me, the mercies I see
This love I have, this peace I have, this joy I have
It’s not by might, it’s not by strength – just by the Holy Ghost
I’m not ashamed to tell the world, my blessings dey come from God


From the planes I fly, the cars I drive, the money I have
The food on my table, the houses I’ve built, the family I’ve got
It’s not by might, It’s not by power – just by the Holy Ghost
See I am not ashamed to tell the world, my blessings dey come from God


Every Monday, Tuesday, Saturday, Sunday

Every Wednesday -> Sunday you dey bless me

Woka menho, Abre nyinaa (You are with me all the time)
Wo di m’anim mennsuro (Since you go before me, I will not fear)
W’adom ne W’ahoƆden (Your grace and your strength)
Wo nhyira abro me so ooo (Your blessings are overtaking me)

Who wey dey bless me/you?
Every Monday, every year, with long life, prosperity
Abundant blessings, protection on every side – God dey bless
No weapon formed against you shall prosper
He anoints my head with oil; my cup runneth over
Thousands shall fall at my right hand, Ten thousands on my other side…

Okokroko (Indescribable One) Lyrics by Sonnie Baddu


(Sung in Twi)

Wo yԑ Onyame a (You are the God)
Wo nnwoma fata wo o (Whose handiworks reflect your beauty)
Obrempon Nyame ei (Majestic God)
Wo nsa ano nnwoma yԑ nwanwa (Your handiworks are amazing)
W’abode nyinaa kutu sore wo o (All of your creation worship you)
Nana Nyame ei (Our reigning God)
Yԑ pagya wo din (We exalt your name) (Repeat)

Okokroko (Indescribable One)
Yԑ ma wo su (We exalt you)
Yԑ pagya wo (We lift you up)
Yԑ kuto wo (We bow to you) (Repeat)

Me wo asem bi bisa wo a (I have a question for you)
Me wo asԑm bi ka kyerԑ wo a (Here is what I have to say to you)
Wo yԑ dԑn na wo ma nipa kasa? (How do you enable humans to speak)
Wo yԑ dԑn na nnoma su? (How do you make the birds sing)
Wo yԑ dԑn na aswokye bo mu? (How do you cause the storms to rage?)
Tumi bԑn na wo de kasa? (By whose authority do you speak?)
Nyansa bԑn na wo de nweni ade? (What is the source of your creative wisdom?)
Anuonyam wura, ka biribi kyerԑ’m o (Glorious One, respond to me)
[Ka biribi kyerԑ’m o] (Speak to me) x6
Nana ei, yԑ ma wo so (We exalt you, our King)


Edin bԑn na me nfa nferԑ wo? (How shall I refer to you)
Edin bԑn na me nfa ntruntrum wo? (By what names should I adore you)
Nana, wo hu yԑ hu (King, you are fearful)
Nana, wo hu yԑ me nwanwa (King, you are wonderful)
[Nana brebre]  (Tread majestically) x6
Yԑ ma wo so, Okokroko (We lift you high, indescribable One)

(Chorus )

[Barima Jesus] (Mighty man Jesus)
[Nana kasa] (Speak, my King)
Yehowa ei (Oh, Jehovah) x8
Me Nyame ei (oh, my God) x8

Original Lyrics: (Go check them out)

Wo So (You are Great) Lyrics by Eugene Zuta


(Sung in Twi)

Yesu ee! Yesu ee! (Jesus! Jesus!)
Wo so o!, wo so o! (You are great! You are great!)
Na wokron (And mighty)

Tumi yε wo di (All power belongs to you)
Nyansa yε wo di (All wisdom belongs to you)
AhoƆdin yε wo di (All strength belongs to you)
Anuonyame yε wo di (All glory belongs to you)
Asomdwee yε wo di (all praise belongs to you)


My Days Lyrics by Preachers ft. Isaac Ogoe

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God of heaven; I give you my heart
Faithful father, I praise you everyday
You’re my God, hold my hand
Lead me lord – don’t let me fall

Teach me to number my days
Lead me to walk in your ways
Teach me to hold on to your words
That I would serve you all my days
Serve you all my days (x2)
I will serve you all my days

When I was a little boy I totally had a lot of fun
But man I never knew a day like this would shortly come
That while I reminisce it make me wanna hit rewind
I’m older now with regrets – man, u could check recorded facts
Me one, and You two, was not a horse before the cart
And if I do it again, I know that things will fall apart
Now I’m saved – I need to make it up to all the past
I can’t spend a lifetime to change the minds of all the cats
No more cops and robbers, flying kites and counters
Gone are the doorags, the baggies, all are oldies
I just wanna give u praise from the a.m. to the p.m.
I wanna glorify your holy name with all my being
At least to have an idea of the years that I’ll be seeing
Is it 1,2,3,4, How many years more?
They say that life is short, but Lord I think I need more
Teach me to count my days; I’m all ears Lord


Fix your eyes to the clock You see one thing
Time’s flying but you really see nothing
Death’s jumping up, its rolling up and closing up
Better move it up and get it up before u act
Ain’t nothing wrong with the wealth we accumulate
What’s wrong is the way we eradicate
Holy Spirit from our lives each passing day
Joshua 1:8 don’t let it pass away
Like Granny’s gone, Ken’s dad and now it’s Randy
Ecclesiastes chapter 12 do you copy?
Should I teach break codes like Mavis Beacon
Or I share these words like Jesus did
When he had 5 loves of bread and 2 fishes
Imma need your help on the YouTube hits
Teach me to number my days Lord
I know you got me on this one

I wanna know you while I’m younger
I wanna serve you before the dark days come
I want you to say, before your father you knew me
A faithful servant

Well I walk the streets, I feel so much pain in my stomach
Temptations fly in my way, O Lord help me fall back
Efis3 3da makoma puno s3 m3 somu wo
Me hia wo hai no, di me kai, na manfomo wo
Every time I try, Adasa twi me san
Nanso me si madwini mu pi; Enonti me di3 min mind
Di3n ma m3 y3 na me dru heaven, well I stay focused
Your word as my compass Lord, the right locus
I pray you breathe on me, before illusions elude me


It is appointed unto a man to die once
And after death, judgement.
Make use of your days on earth
Let God teach you to number your days
That you might serve him always

(c) PreachersGh

Afro Praise Medley Lyrics by Sonnie Badu


(In Shona – Zimbabwe)
Hakuna wakaita sa Jesu, (There’s no one compared to Jesus)
Hakuna wakaita sa Yee (There’s no one like Him)
Hakuna wakaita sa Jesu (There’s no one compared to Jesus)
Hakuu hakuchina (There is no other name)

Nda manya manya, kwese, kwese (I have searched everywhere)
Ndatenderera, kwese, kwese (I have run around everywhere )
Nda tsvaga tsvaga, kwese, kwese (I have looked around everywhere)
Hakuu hakuchina (There’s no other name)

(In Sotho – South Africa)
Iyo hlonolofatsa, Iyo hlonolofatsa (Iyo Bless, Iyo Bless,)
Iyo ka lebtso la Ntate (Iyo, The name of the father)

(Still in Sotho)
Jehova, O lefika laka (Jehovah, you’re my Rock of Ages)

24-7 I will praise you Jehovah
24-7 I will praise your Holy Name

(In Pidgin – Nigeria)
This kind God oo, I never see your type oo
This kind God oo, Blessed be your holy name

(In Twi – Ghana)
Woayoo, Woayoo, Woayoo ewurade ye oheni (He has done it, God is king)
Woayoo, Woayoo, Woayoo ewurade ye oheni (He has done it, God is king)

(In Lingala – Congo)
Yahweh, Yahweh, Yahweh kumama Yahweh (Yahweh/God be Praised)
Yahweh, Yahweh, Yahweh kumama Yahweh (God be Praised)

Papa Reigns Lyrics by Diana Hamilton

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(Non-English parts sung in Pidgin-English and Twi)

Lift up your heads oh ye gates
Be lifted up Ye ancient doors
That the King of Glory may come in

Papa reigns, Papa reigns oh
My Papa reigns, Let the earth tremble
My Jesus reigns, The King of Glory reigns
He reigns He reigns, Let the earth tremble

Papa reigns, Papa reigns, Papa reigns
Let the earth tremble

Wetin I go bring (What shall I give to you)
To show say You be my Papa  (To show that you’re my Father?)
Wetin I go bring (What shall I give to you)
To show say You be my king oh  (To show that you’re my King?)
You answereth my prayer
Papa You bless me double double
You bless me nyafo nyafo (double double)
My Papa God You reign

//NB:Twi translation not confirmed
Edien na mede behye w’anaamu (What shall I give to you? )
Wo nie w’aye ama me Awurade (For all you what you have done for me )
Me ma nkwagye kruwaa no so (I will lift the cup of salvation )
N’ama bo wodin w’ate (And declare your name )
Mebo wodin anopa awia anwomere  (I will declare your name all day)
Mebo wodin anadwo paa (I will declare your name all day)
My Papa reigns, let the eath tremble

Let the earth tremble (x?)


This kind God ooh, I have never seen your kind Ooh
This kind God ooh, Blessed be your Holy Name (Repeat)


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