(Languages: Twi, English)

M’abrabɔ nyinaa hyɛ wo nsa o (My whole life is in Your hands)
Me Nyame ei (Oh my God)
Wo ne me han ne me nkwagyee (My light and my salvation)
Hena anim na me ho popo (In whose presence I tremble)
Me wo Odimanfo bi a, odi ma me o (I have an advocate, who speaks on my behalf)
Me Nyame odi ma me o (My God who advocates for)
Yesu ɔka ma me o (Jesus speaks for me)

I surrender all unto You
Me Nyame bra bɛ tena me mu (My God, come abide with me)
Ɛyɛ me dɛ sɛ(I was glad when they said)
Woma yɛnko Nyame fie (Let’s go to the house of the Lord)
Ɛho na asomdwee wɔ (That is where there’s peace)
Me wɔ Nyame bi a (I have God who lives in me)

Ɔte Me Mu (He lives in me) x3
Mewo Jesus, ɔte me mu (I have Jesus who lives in me)
Ɔte M’akoma a mu daa (He lives in my heart forever) (Repeat)

W’ahyɛ bɔ sɛ (He promised that)
Ɔde me nan be si yie (He’ll put my feet)
Yie ne adɔyɛ nko (On goodness and mercy)
Nea ɛte biaa medi Nkunim (Come what may, I’m victorious)
Bɔnefoɔ akodeɛ nyinaa (Over the weapons of the enemy)
Akodeɛ biara a Ohemaa Mercy/ biara a (No weapons formed against me)
Wɔ hye hyɛɛ yɛ no (Shall prosper)
Yie, anyɛ yie oh oh (They shall not prosper)
(Anyɛ yiee, Anyɛ yiee) (Shall not prosper)


Oh, You saved me, transformed me
Changed my shame to glory
No one can do
The things you do for me