I Hail You Lyrics by Sonnie Badu

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(Languages: English, Pidgin, Igbo)

Papa wetin I go do You O? (Father what can I do for You?)
For the miracle You’ve done
For the victory You bring
All the needs You de supply (All the needs You have supplied)
Even when I don’t deserve
Wetin I for do? (What Can I do for You?)
I go (will) hail You king
I hail You x8

Response: Na only You (It’s only You)
You de do me like this O (You’ve done great to me)
You de love me like this O (You’ve loved me like this)

I hail You

Response: Kosi
Talo dabire
Talo Ju o lo
Nobody compares
To your matchless worth

You deserve x2
Lord I give it all to You
I go (will) shout x2

Hallelu x8
Response: Na only You
You de do me like this O
Fit love (have loved) me like this O


Oh You are the Most High God x2
Oh You are the Most High King x2

Aribiti arabata x4 (Mighty God) (Repeat)

Agam e’buru Aleluya e’buru (I will lift up my praise)
Aga e’para Aleluya a’para (I will sing Hallelujah)

O mojubara Baba (Oh lift up the name of the Father)
O Dansakire Baba (Oh hail the Father)



Victory Lyrics by Eben


(Languages: English, Pidgin, Igbo)
Free Download (Links to Eben’s website)

He has given me victory
All of you, God has given me victory
He has given me victory

All the days of my life I’ll praise You
Everything that I have na You gave to me Baba
Lord I say for your Love I’m grateful
Jesu You love me plenty, you came to die for me

Jehovah Rapha Jehovah Nissi
I Am that I Am, The Great provider
I searched around, there’s no one else like You
Lion of Judah: You’re the mighty Man in battle

Aiyee! God has given me victory
Aiyee! He has given me victory
Hallelujah eh (Halle) (Repeat)

Come and see what the Lord has done for me
He has taken away my sorrows and now I’m free!
Agam e buru hallelujah e buru (I will carry hallelujah)
Agam a para hallelujah para o (I will carry my praise)

Refrain #2:
Because of Jesus everyday na shakara I dey do
(Because of Jesus everyday I have a life worth showing off)
Double double heavenly blessings na him I dey receive (from Him I receive)
God Your Grace and mercies always dey follow me


If Jesus has given you victory,
Come let’s dance, let’s give Him praises now

(Refrain #2)


(Refrain #2)

Double for My Trouble Lyrics by Albert & Grace Colinwud

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Languages: (English, Pidgin-English, French)

“Shout for joy to God all the earth
Sing the glory of His name
And make His praise glorious” Hallelujah

Refrain: Everybody look and see what the Lord has done
Oooh He bless me double for ALL my troubles
He bless me nyafo nyafo, nyafoly (Exceedingly) (Repeat)

Oh sisie come and see: Come and see what the Lord has done
He healed my body, and set me free
He charged me nothing, Ooh No kobo (no charge)
He’s the bread of life, the savior of the world
Come and see what the Lord has done

What the Lord has done (x8)
Everybody look and see what the Lord has done (x2)

“Praise the Lord all people, let the sound of His praise be heard
He’s preserved our lives” (Psalm 66:8-9)
And met our needs; All over the earth He is good
In Africa He is good (He’s Good)
In America He is good (He’s Good)
So with all we’ve got we sing He is good (He’s Good)
He is good ((He’s Good)


See what the Lord has done
What the Lord has done (x7)
Refrain: Everybody look and see what the Lord has done
Everybody everybody
Lift your hands and praise Him
Lift your hands and praise Jehovah (x2)
levez les mains (Hands up) (x2) Tout le monde (everybody) (x2)
Tout le monde (everybody) (x4) levez les mains (Hands up) (x2)
Wave it up Wave it up (x6)
Wave it up Wave it up (x2) Hallelujah Hallelujah
Wave it up Wave it up (x2)
Put something in your hand wave it unto the Lord (x3)
Jump, jump (x4)
Put something in your hand wave it unto the Lord (x3)
Jump, jump (x4)
Eii!!! Boda my Jesus don do am again oooo, na true
(Brother my Jesus has done it again, it’s true)

Lyrics Submitted by Albert & Grace Colinwud

Satan Comot for Road/Satan Komo Forodo (Get out of my way Satan) Lyrics by Solly Mahlangu

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(Sung in Pidgin)

Satan comot for road o, (Get out of my way Satan)
I dey carry Holy Ghost (I carry the Holy Spirit)
I no get break o, (I won’t stop for you)
I go jam you, you go die (I will hit you, and you will “die”)

I go jam you, you go die (I will hit you, and you will “die”) x4

(From the top)

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Twale (Worship) Lyrics by Flo (Florocka)


If I was an eagle: I would lift myself, spread my wings and fly
If I was a lion: I would run into the jungle,  and give the loudest growl
And if I was the sun: Yes I would rise early in the morning
And shine my light so bright
If was an angel, I would sound the alarm
For the whole of creation to bow at your feet

Kabiyesi Oluwa run (Almighty God)
I have come to give you twale (To give you twale)
To give you worship (To give you worship)

If I was a little child, I would sing and shout for joy
If I was a stallion oh, I would use my horsepower
If I was a shining star, I would illuminate everywhere
And if I was the son of a governor,
I would make everybody troway (give a) salute o
And if I could control the times, I would go back to the garden of Eden
I would give you the worship that only you deserve
I would look for beautiful names like
Alade Wura o (Your Crown is of pure Gold)
Yes I will go on soun and patewo iye gbe oruko re ga o (..?..)


Only a fool would look into the heavens and say there is no God
Only a mad man will look into the seas and claim that the fishes are a mistake
Even the Babaaláwos (diviners) can testify that there is only one Jehovah
So who are you to tell me that my Yahweh,
My Tsidkenu (righteousness) doesn’t exist
He is a consuming fire o, He is the lion of the tribe of Judah
He alone I shall serve for the rest of my days


Wonder God Lyrics by Sonnie Badu


Free Download Here (From Sonnie’s Site)

(Some Pidgin [pdg], and Yoruba[yrb] used as well)

Papa /Daddy O, wetin na don’t do? (pdg: What can’t you do?)
You bless me, my life you make better
Oh what shall I render, unto the Lord?
For all the good things you have done for me (Repeat)

The things that you go do for me, nobody can do
The miracles up in my way, you […?…]
Eledumare, [yrb:Creator of the universe] nothing compares to you
Kabiye osi [yrb:Almighty God], you’re a wonder in my life

I’ve never seen this kind God before
(Wonder, wonder, wonder, wonder)

Jesus (Nawa o, nawa ya o) [yrb:I’m amazed] x5

(Verse 2)

Oh Eledumare [yrb:Creator of the universe]
Oh Ta lo dabi re? [yrb:Who is like you?]
Ahh Washuba rerewo [..?..]
Kabiye osi [yrb:Almighty God] (Baba) (x?)

(Verse 2)

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