There is a God Lyrics by Adekunle Gold ft Lagos Community Gospel Choir

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(Sung in Yoruba, Pidgin English)

Iyawo no get womb o (You have been barren)
Nurse say e get belle (The nurse says you’re now pregnant)
You don dey sick for long (You have been sick for a long time)
Doctor say you done well (The doctor now says You are better)
Bo se nsun bo se nji (That you sleep and wake up)
Se lasan lo pe? (Do you think it is by chance?)
Ojo nro orun yo (That rain falls and the sun shines)
Se lasan lo pe? (You think its by chance?)
Why you no come believe (Why do you not believe)
Say God dey? (And confess that God exists?)

Alagidi o ni kos’Olorun (A stubborn man says there is no God)
Arindin o ni kos’Olorun (A foolish man says there is no God)
Alaimokan, e talk say (An ignorant man says)
E talk say, God no dey  (Keeps saying, that there is no God)
O ti gbagbe pe orun yo (He has forgotten that the sun shines)
O ti gbagbe pe ojo nro (Forgotten that the rain falls)
O ti gbagbe pe’nikan lo dale o ati orun (Forgotten that someone created the heavens and the earth)

I’m looking down at the world from 24,000 feet
And the beauty makes me wonder why anyone will ever doubt
That somebody made the world and everything beautiful
Omase eniyan ti gbagbe atisun (Pity that man has forgotten the purpose of life)
Kilode to’gbagbo p’Olorun mbe? (Why do you believe that there is no God?)


There is a God, He lives in the heavens
There is a God, He lives in me
There is a God, He lives in the heavens
There is a God, He’s watching me (Repeat)

There is a God! x?
He lives in Me!


Jesus Na the Only God Lyrics by Lawrence and De’Covenant ft. Mike Abdul

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(Languages: Pidgin English, Yoruba)

E get one man wey I wan tell you
(There is one man I want to tell You about)
He showed us love and died for my sins
He brought us hope, Love and salvation
That’s why we say, He is the Son of God

Response: Eh na true o (It is true) x2 Eh na true (It is true)
Jesus na the only God o (Jesus is the only God) (Repeat)

(From the top)

This covenant is sweet, Can we taste and see
This covenant is sweet, eh
E give me victory (It gives me victory)
Na me just dey win (I keep winning)
E give me victory (It gives me victory)

Aribiti rabata (Mighty God)
Arabata ribiti (Awesome God)
Arugbo ojo (Ancient of Days)
O gbe leyin onigbagbo (He .?. Believers)
Chineke meh (The Son of God)
You never fall my hand (Repeat)

Oruko Jesu lo m’ori mi wu eh
(The name of Jesus makes me feel cherished)


Na true, na true! Eh na true o!(It is true)

He lifts me up, He lifts me up
O gbe mi soke o, a (He lifts me up)
I feel like dancing, I feel like dancing
I feel like shouting, a pariwo (Make some noise)
I feel like running, I feel like running
On your mark x?
I feel like dancing, I feel like dancing
Komole o, Oya komole o (Get down)


Na true, na true! Eh na true o! (It is true)

You Brought Me Back to Life Lyrics by Narcisse Majila ft. James Majila

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I praise Your Name with all my heart
With all my soul, with all my strength
You’ve proven me so many times
How much You care about my life
I lift my hand to testify
Your Grace and Love upon my life
Let me show You how much I love
To praise Your Name before the world.

You brought me back to life O
You made me so glad, O
You blessed me so much O
It’s only by Your Grace

(From the top)

I’m a witness, witness
I’m a witness, witness of the Lord
I’m a conqueror, conqueror
I’m a conqueror, through the Love of God
I’m stronger, stronger
I’m stronger, through the Name of God!


I’m not ashamed to declare Your Word
You are very wonderful to me
I’m not ashamed to dance for You
You are very powerful to me
Oluwa (God) if it’s not for you, where I fo be O
Your are very marvelous to me.


Ah Chineke, money in my pocket
Food on my table
You are faithful to me baba oh.

You too much O x3
Chineke you too much O
You too much O
Obani You too much O

A Marvelous Thing Lyrics by Sammie Okposo

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Jehovah don do me something o
(Oh, The Lord has done something for me)
It is a marvelous thing o
Jehovah don do me something o
(Oh, The Lord has done something for me)
Oh, Oh, Oh!
It is a marvelous thing o
My life is a testimony o
Jehovah don do me something o
My life is a testimony o
Oh! Oh! Oh!
It is a marvelous thing o

There’s a reason I’m singing
There’s a reason I’m dancing
I’m counting all of my blessings
Naming all of them, one by one
God has been good to me
His Goodness and Mercy every day I see
Oh Lord I am grateful
You have been, so faithful


God has been good to me
His Goodness and Mercy every day I see
Oh Lord I am grateful
You have been so faithful, faithful!


This Year Lyrics by Ringtone Apoko ft. Ada Ehi

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(Languages: English, Swahili)

Naona this year eeh, nitabarikiwa
(I foresee that this year I will be blessed)
Naona this year aah, wewe utashinda
(I foresee that this year, you shall win)

Kama chakula we pakua hadi sahani ijae
(If food, serve your plate until it is full)
Kama ni party we furahia na ushukuru Mungu
(If it is a party, enjoy it and give thanks to God)
Kuna time ya kucheka, kuna time ya kulia
(There is a time to laugh, and a time to weep)
Kuna time ya kucheza hata kama hauna pesa
(There is a time to dance even if you do not have money)

Refrain 2:
Hakuna haja ya kuworry wakati ni wako
(There is no need to worry, the time is yours)
Hakuna haja ya kuworry time yako imefika
(There is no need to worry, your time has come) (Repeat)


Testimony season, my year of praise
I enter with thanksgiving, yes this is my year
Naona na milango imefunguliwa (I see doors opening)
Naona naona na, mambo yachenjanga
(I see things succeeding(?))

(Refrain 2)


My mind is so clear that this is your year
Ya kupata everything, vitu poa si anything
Time .?. baraka zako zinaflow (Your blessings flowing)
Waliokucheka everyday, wakacheck all your (?)
(Those who laughed at you every day, will witness all your .?.)
This is your time, this is your year
Don’t fear, just go x2

Testimony follow you, plenty for your body o
E plenty, plenty o, see what the Lord (Repeat)

(Refrain 2)


I Hail You Lyrics by Sonnie Badu

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(Languages: English, Pidgin, Igbo)

Papa wetin I go do You O? (Father what can I do for You?)
For the miracle You’ve done
For the victory You bring
All the needs You de supply (All the needs You have supplied)
Even when I don’t deserve
Wetin I for do? (What Can I do for You?)
I go (will) hail You king
I hail You x8

Response: Na only You (It’s only You)
You de do me like this O (You’ve done great to me)
You de love me like this O (You’ve loved me like this)

I hail You

Response: Kosi
Talo dabire
Talo Ju o lo
Nobody compares
To your matchless worth

You deserve x2
Lord I give it all to You
I go (will) shout x2

Hallelu x8
Response: Na only You
You de do me like this O
Fit love (have loved) me like this O


Oh You are the Most High God x2
Oh You are the Most High King x2

Aribiti arabata x4 (Mighty God) (Repeat)

Agam e’buru Aleluya e’buru (I will lift up my praise)
Aga e’para Aleluya a’para (I will sing Hallelujah)

O mojubara Baba (Oh lift up the name of the Father)
O Dansakire Baba (Oh hail the Father)


Victory Lyrics by Eben


(Languages: English, Pidgin, Igbo)
Free Download (Links to Eben’s website)

He has given me victory
All of you, God has given me victory
He has given me victory

All the days of my life I’ll praise You
Everything that I have now You gave to me Baba
Lord I say for your Love I’m grateful
Jesu You love me plenty, you came to die for me

Jehovah Rapha Jehovah Nissi
I Am that I Am, The Great provider
I searched around, there’s no one else like You
Lion of Judah: You’re the mighty Man in battle

Aiyee! God has given me victory
Aiyee! He has given me victory
Hallelujah eh (Halle) (Repeat)

Come and see what the Lord has done for me
He has taken away my sorrows and now I’m free!
Agam e buru hallelujah e buru (I will carry hallelujah)
Agam a para hallelujah para o (I will carry my praise)

Refrain #2:
Because of Jesus everyday na shakara I dey do
(Because of Jesus everyday I have a life worth showing off)
Double double heavenly blessings na him I dey receive (from Him I receive)
God Your Grace and mercies always dey follow me


If Jesus has given you victory,
Come let’s dance, let’s give Him praises now

(Refrain #2)


(Refrain #2)

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