Jina La Baba (The Name of the Father) Lyrics by Daddy Owen ft Dunco

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(Sung in Swahili)

Baba, jina lako linaponya (Father, Your Name heals)
Baba, jina lako lakomboa (Father, Your Name saves)
Baba, jina lako linaosha (Father, Your Name cleanses)
Baba, jina lako la uzima (Father, Your Name is life)

Kwake Yesu, kwake Yesu (In Jesus, in Jesus) x2
Sifa zote pokea (Receive all the praises)
Hata kinywa changu kitangaze (Even my mouth proclaims)
Jina lake, jina lake (His great Name)

Jina la Baba na la Mwana na Roho mtakatifu (The Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit)
Jina la Baba na la Mwana na Roho mtakatifu (The Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit)

Wapi nitaenda, wacha kusikia (Where can I go that I cannot hear)
Makuu tena Baba, umetutendea (The great things that the Father has done for us)
Itabidi nitangaze (It is a mush that I announce)
Milimani, sauti nipaze (From the mountains to raise my voice)
Ukaniokoa toka tundu la simba! (That You saved me from the lion’s den)
Lipi lisilowezeka kwa Jina lako? (What is impossible with Your Name?)
Ukaahidi kwamwe sitoaibika (You promised that I will not be ashamed)
Lipi lisilowezekana kwa Jina lako? (What is impossible to Your Name?)


Tuimbe, tuimbe tukimsifu Bwana wetu (Let us sing in praise of our Lord)
Tuimbe, tuimbe tukimchezea Bwana wetu (Let us sing and dance for our Lord) (Repeat)



Kazi ya Msalaba (The Work of the Cross) Lyrics by Daddy Owen ft. Danny Gift

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(Sung in Swahili)

Baraka nimepokea, kwako nimetulia mimi (I’ve received blessings, I’m rested in you)
Nisije tumbukia kwa mambo ya dunia  (That I may not get lost in the world)
Kwako nijifiche milele  (Hide me in You forever)
Fitina zanizingira, anasa kila kona  (Gossip and earthly pleasures surround me)
Kwa mikono yako, niweke mtakatifu  (Make me Holy with your hands)
Tokea leo hadi milele  (From now until forever)

Niwie radhi mimi, kwa makosa yote  (Forgive me, for all my sins)
Anipenda, anijali, anipenda  (He loves me, He cares for me, He loves me)

Kazi ya msalaba, (The work of the cross)
Nimeipokea, nimekubali  (I’ve received it, I have accepted it)
Nitakusifu, nitakuimbia milele  (I  will praise and sing to you forever)

Ilikuwa ni juzi tu, mwanzo kwangu katembea (It was recent that you visited me)
Ukapumzisha kwangu kugonjea  (You rested in me and I was content)
Lakini kwako zaidi nasogea  (But I move closer to you)
Nishiriki nawe kwa mazoea  (That I may worship with you often)
Zile kwako ndo napokea  (I receive all from you)
Nikuone, kwangu Baba ukinitendea  (Father let me see your work in me)

Wewe ndo wangu tu, mimi na wewe tu  (You are mine, You and me alone)
Nikwone kwangu ukinitendea  (Let me see your work in me) (Repeat)


Siri ni Yesu/Baba   (The secret is Jesus/Father)
Siri ni ye x2 siri ni yesu   (The secret is x2 The secret is Jesus) (Repeat)


Twende Kazi (Let’s Go) by Daddy Owen, Denno, Danny, Emmy Kosgei, Miss Karun, Wyre

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(A follow up to the song “Mbona”)
(Sung in Swahili)

Verse 1:
Mi si mnyonge: Naona mbali – akili timamu
(I am not helpless: I have vision – my mind is sound)
Niko fiti, niko poa (I am fit, I am well)
Mi si myonge naenda mbali mwili nina nguvu
Niko fiti, niko poa (I am fit, I am well)
Siogopi (I am not afraid of) the challenge ‘cause I will overcome
Nipe nafasi (Give me a chance)and watch me overcome

Twende kazi (let’s get to work!), am ready ready ready
Niko able usinichuje boss (I’m able don’t discriminate me)
Chapa kazi (let’s get down to work) I am ready ready
niko capable usinilenge boss (I’m capable don’t discriminate me)

Verse 2:
Mi si myonge nasikia mengi ninafanya mambo
(I am not helpless, I am aware of opportunities I am doing great things)
Niko fiti, niko poa (I am fit, I am well)
Mi si myonge nishafika sasa mimi na wewe
(I am not helpless, I am here: It’s me and you)
Niko fiti, niko poa (I am fit, I am well)
Siogopi (I am not afraid of) the challenge ‘cause I will overcome
Nipe nafasi (Give me a chance)and watch me overcome


I don’t need your sympathy I just need opportunities
You know I can, You know I am able school work field
Yes I can just like you

Verse 3:
Ideas ni fresh tena kibao basi nipe nafasi nina mambo
(My ideas are fresh and great. Give me a chance I’ll show you)
Gimme chance pon di school, pon di work, pon di field
(Give me a chance at school, at work, in the field)
Waafi see the fruits of mi labor fi yield
(And you’ll see the fruits of my labor yield)
You never know I could be the next leader
You never know from which hand you coud feed
So don’t look at me like you are more senior
’cause in the end same air we breathe – a
Nipe nafasi (give me a chance)

Mbona? (Why?) bt Daddy Owen ft. Denno

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(Follow up Song “Twende Kazi”)
(Sung in Swahili)

Pre-song Testimonies:
Anne: When I gave birth to Angel, it wasn’t easy to accept the condition she was in.
Mama Denoh: They thought that either me or his father had sinned.
Henry: It was hard, it was very painful.
Ruth: I asked my mom, why is it only me that am I like this?
Mary:When you go to the mall, when you go to the Church, when you go to visit your neighbours, you don’t see them: Where are they?
Emmy: My dad was sent to be killed…
D.J. Pinye:…Anyway, it’s crazy, it’s just crazy.

Verse 1:
Tarehe kama saba mwezi wa saba (A date like the seventh on the seventh month)
Miaka zimepita kumi na saba (Seventeen years have passed)
Humu duniani nishajipata (In this world where I have found myself)
Mimi, mimi, niko nilivyo (Iam, I am, the way I am)
Sina baba wala mi sina mama (I neither have a father nor a mother)
Siwezi enda mbali, mi najificha (I can’t go far, I hide myself)
Nachoka kujificha, najitokeza (I get tired of hiding, so I reveal myself)
Mimi, mimi, niko nilivyo  (Iam, I am, the way I am)
Nafunga virago vyangu, naenda mbali (I pack my belongings, I’m going far away)
Sijui nifanye nini, niende wapi (I don’t know what to do, where to go)
Nifuate nani mimi, nimwite nani (Whom do I follow? Who do I call?)
Mimi mimi niko nilivyo (Iam, I am, the way I am)
Sioni mbona nyinyi mwanikimbia (I don’t see why you run away from me)
Sioni mbona nyinyi mwanidharau (I don’t see why you despise me)
Sioni mbona nyinyi mwaniepuka (I don’t see why you turn away from me)
Mimi mimi niko nilivyo (I am the way I am)

Mbona? Mbona? Mbona? (Why? Why? Why?)
Mbona? Mbona? Mbona? (Why? Why? Why?)
Mbona? Ahh mbona? (repeat) Why? Ahh Why?

Verse 2: (Sung by Denno)
Wakati Mungu aliniumba (When God created me)
Alipanga mpango wake (He made his plans)
Kwamba mimi niwe jinsi nilivyo (That I should be the way I am)
Mbona, sasa hamnidhamini? (Why then don’t you value me?)
Mwaniona kama sifai (You look at me as if I am worthless)
Sikuchagua niwe jinsi nilivyo (I did not choose to be the way I am)
Nikitembea barabarani, macho mmenikazia (When I walk on the road, you stare at me)
Mbio mbio mwaniondokea, mimi ni kama nyinyi (You run away from me, while I’m just like you)


Mid-song Testimonies:
Betty: Why are you being carried and you are a grown up, why can’t you walk, they don’t understand.
Henry: Sometimes they’d be telling me “Daddy look here”
Emmy: Many people come if really he has no children
Mary: Its a country problem, and no-one is talking about it.
Anne: What is needed to be changed the most is the mindset of every Kenyan
DJ Pinye: I felt very guilty, because I wasn’t interested in helping my mom take care of my brother.

Verse 3:
Kwanini mwaniepuka, Na mimi ni kama tu wewe
Why do you run away from me, while I’m just like you
Na mimi ni kama tu wewe (While I’m just like you)
kwanini mwanidharau? kwanini mwanidharau?
Why do you despise me? Why do you despise me?
Na mimi ni kama tu wewe, Na mimi ni kama tu wewe
While I’m just like you, While I’m just like you
Kwanini wanikimbia? Kwanini wanikimbia?
(Why do you flee from me? Why do you flee from Me?
Na mimi ni kama tu wewe, Na mimi ni kama tu wewe
While I’m just like you, while I’m just like you
Kwa nini? Kwa nini? (Why? Why?)


Post- Song Testimonies
Henry:…There are some people who do not believe that a disabled person can be clean, can have children.
Emmy:…We did things and he raised us up. He raised us up there was no room to imagine that he was physically disabled.
DJ Pinye:…We had a very emotional conversation after my mom died and I decided to introduce myself to him, it was funny coz I was introducing myself to him :this is my name, this is my name ,I’ve always been interested in you, I’m very sorry, I apologize, let’s start afresh. Now I’m back home taking care of him.
Denno:…Its only the eyes that I am missing. But otherwise, I’m good.

Hafungi Macho (He Does Not Sleep) Lyrics by Willy feat Daddy Owen and Danco

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Mungu Baba yeye hafungi macho
(God the father does not sleep)
Habadiliki jana leo na kesho
(He does not change, yesterday, today and tomorrow)
Azijua raha na shida zako
(He Knows your joy and your sorrows)
Macho yake makali yaona mambo yote
(His sharp eyes sees everything)
Hata yale yamefichika anaona
(Even the unseen he sees)
Hana jambo la siri asioliona
(There is no secret he does not see)
Umekosa chakula mavazi hata pesa
(You don’t have food clothing and even money)
Kodi ya nyumba karo ya shule hata mchumba
(Your rent, school fees even a beau)
Unadhani sasa dunia imefika mwisho
(You think the world is coming to an end)
Jirani, wacha mirungirungi, rafiki wacha maneno mengi
(Neighbor, abandon your worries, My friend, abandon your words)
Sijui kwa nini wanisema, Eti mimi, nimekuwa kafiri
(I don’t understand why you gossip, that I am a hypocrite)
Eti mimi nimekuwa mrui, sijui, wala sisemi kitu
(That I am a backslider, I don’t know, but I am silent)
Akisema yuakuona jamani usitie shaka
(If he says he sees you, please do not worry)
Ye halali na hachoki na wala ye habadiliki
(he does not sleep he does not tire nor does he change)
Azijua raha zako, azijua na shida zako
(He knows your joy, he knows your sorrows)
Tuimbeni halleluya Hossanah ye amefufuka
(Let us sing Haleluyah, Hossana he is risen)
Haleluyah, ye halali na hachoki na wala ye habadiliki
(Haleluya, he does not sleep, he does not tire nor does he change)
Haleluyah, tuimbeni haleluya Hossana ye amefufuka
(Haleluya, let us sing haleluya hosanna he is risen)

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