Maybe You Lyrics by Florocka


I can never find my way, if you don’t lead me
In this selfish heart of mine, I only see me

Maybe you can make me see
Maybe you can take all the scales from my eyes
Maybe you can open the door to my heart
Maybe you

I could never understand all the love you’ve shown me
And if this life was all I had, I’ll give you gladly


Maybe if you would let me touch the wound on your side
I could be made whole again,
Maybe if you mend my broken heart, yes
I could live again
Maybe only you can build it all


Only you can make me see.

Twale (Worship) Lyrics by Flo (Florocka)


If I was an eagle: I would lift myself, spread my wings and fly
If I was a lion: I would run into the jungle,  and give the loudest growl
And if I was the sun: Yes I would rise early in the morning
And shine my light so bright
If was an angel, I would sound the alarm
For the whole of creation to bow at your feet

Kabiyesi Oluwa run (Almighty God)
I have come to give you twale (To give you twale)
To give you worship (To give you worship)

If I was a little child, I would sing and shout for joy
If I was a stallion oh, I would use my horsepower
If I was a shining star, I would illuminate everywhere
And if I was the son of a governor,
I would make everybody troway (give a) salute o
And if I could control the times, I would go back to the garden of Eden
I would give you the worship that only you deserve
I would look for beautiful names like
Alade Wura o (Your Crown is of pure Gold)
Yes I will go on soun and patewo iye gbe oruko re ga o (..?..)


Only a fool would look into the heavens and say there is no God
Only a mad man will look into the seas and claim that the fishes are a mistake
Even the Babaaláwos (diviners) can testify that there is only one Jehovah
So who are you to tell me that my Yahweh,
My Tsidkenu (righteousness) doesn’t exist
He is a consuming fire o, He is the lion of the tribe of Judah
He alone I shall serve for the rest of my days


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