Ordinary Man Lyrics by Kenny K’ore

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I’m what the Father says I am;
I love the me I see through His eyes
There’s more to me than what today reveals
I know The Potter is not through with me, no

I’m what the Father says I am
I stand in Him more than a conqueror
I live by faith and faith in Him alone
I know the Potter is not through with me

‘Cause He says “Believe In Me everything is possible
You’re worth more than a sparrow in My ever loving eyes”
I know its true; In Him I live and have my being
Without Him I am just another ordinary man
Ordinary man

I’m what the Father says I am
Don’t have to look like my tomorrow now
I call the things not as though they were
The Good Shepherd will not let me down

I’m what the Father says I am
Only His word truly counts
Take everything but leave His grace with me
I pray to never ever let Him down


Its not easy, no: Living my life depending on You
But I have come to see it
Only You can make it so true
Make it so true…


Aye Ole (Life is Not Hard) Lyrics by Infinity


(Sung in Yoruba)

Omo eniyan f’eti si (Son of man listen to me)
oro agba, bi o she l’owuro (that which doesn’t happen at the beginning)
A she lowo ale (often happens at the end)

Verse 1:
Bowun ko pe titi, iya aye wa o n bo wa d’opin (No matter how long, our troubles  will end)
Aimola eda lo mu eda saniyan ra (Mens hearts are anxious for tomorrow)
Olorun ti seleri, oro baba ko ni ye (God has promised, and his promises never fail)
Aini gbaggbao lo mu eda raropin (It’s by the lack of faith that men lose hope)
Bi okun n fo, Ti osa n sa, otito wa laaye (Let the ocean, but the truth remains)
Igbabo ni orisun ohun gbogbo (The source of all things is faith)

Ouh, Aye yi ko male (Life is not hard)
Aye ole fun eni to ni gbagbo pe aye ole  (For those who believe, life is not hard) [x4 ]

Verse 2:
Oni suuru, ape koto je, koni jebaje (The patient man is always rewarded )
Ai mani suuru lo n mu are eni bo wa debi (When he lacks it he loses his vindication)
F’oju re womi ore k’Oluwa le foju re wo(think well of others and He’ll do the same for you)
Abiku ti d’abiye ninu aye mi (In my life, death has suddenly become life )


Aye re ko ma ni le (Your life will not be hard)
Aye to ba ba Olorun rin, o sho ri re (It is good for you if you walk with the Lord)

Bowun ko pe titi, iya aye wa o n bo wa d’opin (No matter how long, our troubles  will end)

[Original Yoruba lyrics obtained here]

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