Mercy Lyrics by Flavor ft Semah

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(Languages: English, Pidgin, Igbo)

Oh Lord have mercy, nothing wey de sweet me past
Your tender Mercy, now wey de lift me up
Whenever I’m down, I can’t do without Your Love
In every situation, you are my redemption
You’re my solution, now You wey de lift me up
Whenever I’m down, I can’t do without Your Love

Mepere m uzo (Open the doors)
Mmepere m uzo Kambata (Open the doors to welcome me)
Mepere m uzo gi eh (Open Your doors to me)
Mmepere m uzo, kambata (Open the doors to welcome me)
Have mercy, have mercy o Papa o
Have mercy, have mercy o (Repeat)

If I dey go, if I de come (In my going out and coming in)
Chukwu do ma ga (God is with me)
Who for I be, where I for dey? (Who would I be, If not for you?)
Okwa Chinedum O (If not for your guidance)
In the time of troubles, time of sorrow
Chukwu buikem (The Lord is my strength)
Abum onye? Chinecherem o (Who am I? I am Victorious)
You are higher than the highest
Mightier than the mightiest
Hallowed be your Name
You are holier than the holiest
Your the greatest, I will praise Your Name
Oh my angel and my guidance, You are my Savior
I can’t do without Your love


Mercy Lyrics by Mthunzi Namba


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Mercy rewrote my life
Mercy rewrote my life
I could have fallen; my soul cast down
But Mercy rewrote my life

The Bible says when you read in John Chapter 8
There’s a beautiful story of a woman who was caught in adultery
The Bible tells us that the Pharisees and the scribes: Abapharisi na abaphali
They took this lady; she was caught in the act of adultery
You can imagine how she looked:
The Bible  said they pulled this lady, they pulled to Jesus, and Jesus was there.
They said to Him: ‘Preacher, Teacher, This woman, was caught in the act of adultery
Simba moqonjeni: According to the  laws of Moses when somebody
Umuntu beBanje ezalonto, this person must be stoned
And they said to Jesus, what do you say?
The Bible says, Jesus – He stooped down: With His finger, He wrote on the ground
And the Bible says He stood up and He said:
‘Ungana sono nginina? Anyone without sin, throw in the first stone’
Then the Bible says, he stooped back, Wequqa matholo waphala k…?
And the Bible says: One by one from the old, to the least: they left
And the woman was left there by herself, she was standing there
I’m sure in her mind she did not know what Jesus was thinking
The Bible tells me that Jesus looked at her and said
‘Lady, where are your accusers now?’
All of them vanished, now it was Jesus and the lady
There’s a time when you need to move people away, it is you and Him only
There’s a time when you need to forget every person you know,
when you face Him: Face to face
And Jesus looked at her: ‘Where are your accusers now?’
I can imagine that the Love, the Compassion, the Mercy, the Grace in His heart
He looked at Her, and she said ‘They’ve all gone.’
And He said ‘Who condemns you now?’
Then the lady said ‘No one’
And Jesus looked at her and said:
‘I do not condemn you either; go home, and sin no more.’
Listen, I don’t care what you’ve been doing, but the mercy of Jesus Christ
To pull you up From the dungeon of sin – from the pit of sin; He can just pick you up
It doesn’t matter what you have done, He’s faithful and He is just
And tonight we want to say to each and everyone of you
All you have to do, is to stretch out your hand;
And say ‘Jesus, I avail myself to you: Forgive me all the things I have done’
His Mercy is able to save you tonight.


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