Tuko Tayari (We are Ready) Lyrics by

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(Languages: Swahili, English)

Tuko tayari, kuona miujiza (We are ready to see miracles) x3
Oh Mimi niko tayari, kuona miujiza (Oh I am ready to see miracles)
Yako Mungu, Yako Mungu (Yours God)
Miujiza yako Mungu (Your miracles God) x2
Oh Baba tuko tayari (Oh Father, we are ready)

Mahali hapa, pameloa upako (Anointing saturates this place) x4
Wako Mungu (Yours God) x?

Now we worship You, for You alone are King of kings x?

You rule with Power, with an iron scepter
Your eyes are fire, and full of Love for me (Repeat)

Now we worship You…

Sitaogopa (I Shall Not Fear) Lyrics by Mwanga Band

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(Sung in Swahili)

Nina imani, wewe unami (I have faith, that You are with me)
Sauti yako naisikia (I hear Your voice)
Waniimbia wimbo mpya (You sing a new song to me) (Repeat)

Wasema kuwa we ndiwe shujaa (You say that You are a hero)
Ambaye hajawahi kushindwa (That has never been defeated) (Repeat)

Sitaogopa gizani (I shall not fear the darkness)
Neno lanimulikia njia (Your Word lights my path) (Repeat)

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