Most High Lyrics by Nosa ft. Nathaniel Bassey


More precious than Sharon’s roses
You are the God of Glory
The angels declare You’re Holy
They cry Ha-lle-lu-jah
You are perfect in Your ways
With You are there are no mistakes
The works of Your hands declare Your praise
They say Ha-lle-lu-jah

Adonai (Lord God), You are the Most High
El Shaddai (God Almighty), You are the Most High God
King on High, You are the Most High
We say Ha-lle-lu-jah

The stars cannot match Your brightness, Lord
You give the sun its light
In You does my soul delight, yes Lord
We join the Hosts of Heaven
Lifting our hands up high
We cast our crowns before You
We cry Ha-lle-lu-jah!


Response: Ha-lle-lu-jah
Let my trumpet trump
All creation sings Your praises
To the Most High God
Hallelujah, God to the King of kings
To the One who was and is and is to come

Always Pray For You Lyrics by Nosa (Nosakhare Omoregie)


(Sung in Pidgin(Broken) English)

I go [will] always pray for you, I go always pray for you
Make the Grace of Jesus see you through
I go always pray for you

As all of us dey[we] go our separate ways
Na good tory we go dey [It will be good stories we’ll]tell when we see again
Of how God don bless [blessed]me and bless you too
I go always pray for you

And even if I far from you
You go always be in my heart this na [is] true
I just wan let you know say, whatever I do
I go always pray for you

We go surely meet again, And when we meet again
None of us go dey [will be] in chain
But na from glory to glory in Jesus name
We go surely meet again
If I offend you before forgive me
So that when we see again, You no go get BB [bad belle] for me
We all need each other to see life through
So I go always pray for you


Say make the grace of God, make e no commot [?]
Make him peace never cease
To call upon you, whatever you do
And in love to see you through ah ah
I just wan let you know say whatever i do
I go surely pray for you


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