(Sung in Yoruba)

//Note: Ko le baje = Can never be destroyed
Ko ni daru = There should be no confusion

Ise t’Oluwa se o ah (Ko le baje) [The work of God (Can never be destroyed)]
And all that’s lovely in your life (Ko ni daru)
When it seems like all has ended know (Ko le baje)
Ko le baje, ko le baje o (Ko le baje)
Ko ni daru, ko ni daru o (ko le baje) (repeat)

Sittin’ by my window, Thinkin’ about my life
It seems so empty, Is it all a lie
Needin’ some answers, Needin’ reasons why
The road is so rough, Feelin’ like I just might die (but)


One day, one day, One day, I know I’ll sing a song
Know I’ll tell a story, a song of praise
I’ll sing, of how I was delivered – How I came from misery to ecstasy


Kole mo’le, ko’le mo’le
Continuous blessings one after the other.
Bi’mo rere, bi’mo rere
The joy of having many children.
Ire owo l’odun mo’dun
The blessings of money year after year.
Ayo m’ayo titi aye
My joy will multiply.
Gbogbo ire mi ko ni daru o
My blessings/favors will never ever end
Ko le baje
(Can never be destroyed)