(Languages: Kalenjin, Swahili, English)

Yeah, ladies and gentlemen, This is a special dedication
To all the young men in Kenya
This is our time, we’ve got to change things here

Onge kutit ko nito, ketuiyen (This is the subject we should agree on (?))
Ile kotinye ng’olyon o (I have a word to say)
Mi chi ne acheng’e (There is someone I’m looking for)
Kainenyi keguure, young man (He’s called Young Man)
Chi chi kotinye nguvu (This person is strong)
Ak kotinye akili neo (And is very intelligent)
Lakini katinye ngolyon o ne to kimwochin (But I have a word to tell him)
Asi mait ak kimas o (So that he may not slip and fall (?))

Fungua macho yako, young man (Open your eyes, young man)
Tumia akili yako, young man (Use your head, young man)
Me ko ngalin chi o, young man (Let no one deceive you, young man)
Me kan kongenin chi o, young man (Let no one use you, young man)

Kingolechech chi o, nam kogoonon (Someone tries to bribe you)
Ing’enyolan tugul o, nataguyan (?)
Anin negit koet kora o, young man (?)
Ngwanyin koneran, young man (?)
Matiyan keng’alin o, young man (Don’t let yourself be deceived, young man)
Ameyan keboisienin, young man (And don’t let yourself be used, young man)
Your life is so precious, young man
And money cannot buy it o, young man


Kas o weri we, young man (Listen young man)

Le bendi tach toek, young man (When you listen to [politician] talk)
Fungua akili yako, ufikirie (Use your head, and think)
Fungua macho yako, na utazame (Open your eyes and look)
Makiyundos kirugiit, Aki rib komebarkei (?)
Mengo ulie chi, young man (?)
In this world, young man
You cannot survive alone, young man


No man is an island, young man
Ongibureen kalyet, young man (Let’s maintain peace, young man)
You need me, I need you
They need us, we need them
To coexist, we’ve got to be together
And to survive, we’ve got to stick together
Young man x4


Chuki sio maendeleo, young man (Hatred is not progress, young man)
Wivu sio maendeleo, young man (Hate is not progress, young man)
Ili Kenya iendelee, young man (For Kenya to progress, young man)
Lazima tushirikiane, young man (We must collaborate, young man)
This is our time, young man
It is never tomorrow, young man
Tuko na uwezo, young man (We have the ability, young man)
Wa kuleta mabadiliko, young man (To bring change, young man)