Ingoma (The Song) A cappella by Ithemba Musical Group


(Sung in Xhosa)

Ingoma! Ingoma! (The Song)
Masibuyel’eNkosini (When the Lord returns)
Siphakamis’udumo lwayo (He’ll lift us up to His glory)
Ngengoma (With that song)

Khona ngekhaya ezulwini (When we enter our home in heaven)
Uyobekumnadi! (Oh how glorious!)
Hlabelela me woza (emdumisa!) (We shall sing like this (praise Him!)

Bes’enkosini ephakamis’udumo lwayo (Before the Lord’s glory)
Ngengoma (With that song)

Refrain: Hosanna
Sabesizwe Hosanna (All the nations Hosanna)
Sabe kumbadi (Our glorious portion)
Siphika lobamba (Our portion)
Sihleli naye (We shall dwell with Him)
Uyabe kumnadi (You’re our portion)
Sihleli lobamba (We shall dwell with our portion)
Udumo uthixo enagweni Hosana (God your might is known)


Okokroko (Indescribable One) Lyrics by Sonnie Baddu


(Sung in Twi)

Wo yԑ Onyame a (You are the God)
Wo nnwoma fata wo o (Whose handiworks reflect your beauty)
Obrempon Nyame ei (Majestic God)
Wo nsa ano nnwoma yԑ nwanwa (Your handiworks are amazing)
W’abode nyinaa kutu sore wo o (All of your creation worship you)
Nana Nyame ei (Our reigning God)
Yԑ pagya wo din (We exalt your name) (Repeat)

Okokroko (Indescribable One)
Yԑ ma wo su (We exalt you)
Yԑ pagya wo (We lift you up)
Yԑ kuto wo (We bow to you) (Repeat)

Me wo asem bi bisa wo a (I have a question for you)
Me wo asԑm bi ka kyerԑ wo a (Here is what I have to say to you)
Wo yԑ dԑn na wo ma nipa kasa? (How do you enable humans to speak)
Wo yԑ dԑn na nnoma su? (How do you make the birds sing)
Wo yԑ dԑn na aswokye bo mu? (How do you cause the storms to rage?)
Tumi bԑn na wo de kasa? (By whose authority do you speak?)
Nyansa bԑn na wo de nweni ade? (What is the source of your creative wisdom?)
Anuonyam wura, ka biribi kyerԑ’m o (Glorious One, respond to me)
[Ka biribi kyerԑ’m o] (Speak to me) x6
Nana ei, yԑ ma wo so (We exalt you, our King)


Edin bԑn na me nfa nferԑ wo? (How shall I refer to you)
Edin bԑn na me nfa ntruntrum wo? (By what names should I adore you)
Nana, wo hu yԑ hu (King, you are fearful)
Nana, wo hu yԑ me nwanwa (King, you are wonderful)
[Nana brebre]  (Tread majestically) x6
Yԑ ma wo so, Okokroko (We lift you high, indescribable One)

(Chorus )

[Barima Jesus] (Mighty man Jesus)
[Nana kasa] (Speak, my King)
Yehowa ei (Oh, Jehovah) x8
Me Nyame ei (oh, my God) x8

Original Lyrics: (Go check them out)

Arugbo Ojo (Ancient Of Days) Lyrics by Minister Kenn


(Languages: English, Yoruba)

Oh God of Abraham, Isaac, David and my family
Ruler of the universe we have come to give you all the praise today
And we declare that from generation to generation
Thou art God forevermore

The heavens declare, Your power and royalty
Lord You reign
King of all ages, You are the Ancient of days
Lord You reign
Your throne is established, In justice and righteousness
Lord You reign
Great are You Lord, And greatly to be praised
Lord You reign
We cry Holy, Holy, is our God
Let Your glory, glory, fill this place

Arugbo Ojo (The Ancient of Days) x2
Iwo l’aseda, l’awon eda, l’ameda o! (Creator of all, possessing all knowledge)
Arugbo Ojo (The Ancient of Days) x2
Iwo l’oni iyin, kaabo, kaabo, Ma rora (All praises are yours, we welcome you, welcome)
Arugbo Ojo (The Ancient of days)

(From the top)

Kabiyesi (Almighty God), we declare your majesty (x?)

Kweli (Truly) Lyrics by Joyce Omondi ft. Kepha

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(Sung in Swahili)

Jeri, Jeri (Surely)
Mungu Baba nimeona mkono wako (Father God I’ve seen your hand)
Nimejawa na furaha na amani (I’m filled with joy and peace)
Wanishangaza na yote umenitendea (I’m amazed by your blessings)
Kweli Baba fadhili zako ni za milele (Father truly your mercies are forever)

Kweli kweli eh/oh (Truly, truly )
Hakuna mpendwa kama wewe (There’s no Love like yours) (Repeat)
Oh Jeri Mulungu ni muto sana (Oh truly, God is good)
Mulungu ni muto sana (God is good)

Wakati wa shida wanifariji ndani yako (In times of trouble, you comfort me)
Mwokozi wangu kimbilio, (mtetezi wangu we) (My savior, my fortress, my defender)
Umeniweza pendo gani hili (I’m overwhelmed, what manner of love is this?)
Niwe wanje Muye Yesu kweli, yeye yu mwema (I’ve tasted of the Lord, he is good)

Watenda majabu, hakuna kama wewe (You do great things, no one is like you)
Ni wewe mkuu, ni wewe mkuu (You are great, you are great)
Watenda miujiza, hakuna kama wewe (You do miracles, no one is like you)
Ni wewe mkuu, ni wewe mkuu (You are great, you are great)

Kweli ni wewe, milele ni wewe tu (Truly, forever you alone)
Pokea sifa Baba wastahili (Deserve all the praise Father)
Milele ni wewe tu (Forever it’s you)

Nitakuinua, nitakuabudu (I will lift you, I will worship you)
Nitakuchezea kwa moyo wangu wote (I will dance to you with all my heart)

Yesu malo, pokea sifa malo (Jesus be lifted, receive praise)
Wastahili malo, nakuabudu malo (You deserve it, I worship you)
Malo malo (juu juu) (Higher, higher)

Amekutendea mema yo (He’s been good to you)
Amenitendea mema ye (He’s been good to me)

Uthando LukaBaba (My Father’s Love) Lyrics by Papane


(Sung in Zulu – A Hymn)

Uthando lukaBaba (My Father’s Love)
Lunje ngolwandle bo (Is like the ocean)
Lubanzi lujulile (It’s deep and wide)

Lwafikelela kimi (I felt it even)
Ngisezonweni zam (In my sins)
Alwaze lwangedlula (It did not pass me by)
Lwangisindisa nam (But it rescued me)

O Baba ngiyabonga (Oh Father I thank you)
Nangentliziyo yami (With all my heart)
Sengiyavuma ngithi (I confess and say)
Ungumsindisi wami (That you’re my Savior) x3

Ngizokwethemba njalo (I will always trust you)
Ngise semhlabeni (As I walk on earth)
Ngizokukhonza futhi (I will serve you and)
Ngothando entlizweni (love you and serve you)

(Refrain) + (Verse 3) + (Refrain) + (Verse 3) + (Refrain)

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