(Sung in Yoruba) [AGL’s African Acapella/Choral week 2013]

Refrain: Betelehemu (Bethlehem)

Awa yo, a ri Baba gb’ojule (We rejoice for we have a trustworthy father)
Awa yo, a ri Baba f’eyin ti (We rejoice for we have? a dependable father)

Ni bo labe Jesu? (Where was Jesus born)
Ni bo labe bisi? (Where was he born?)

Betelehemu iluwa la, (Bethlehem, city of wonder)
Ni bo labe Baba o daju (That is where Father was born)

Inyi, inyi, furo (Praise, praise, be to Him)
Adupe fun o, jooni, (We thank you, today)
Baba olo reo (Gracious Father)

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