I know you have been down and out
You’ve lost hope, felt like givin’ up
I may never understand
What you feel inside your heart

Listen to the voice calling you
I am He who supplies all your needs
I am the lifter of your head
And I am calling you to

Arise! Arise!
From the ashes – the deep darkness
Oh the Lord calls you by name

I know you have been talked about
The mistakes you’ve made fill you up with doubt
The thought of your shame and giving up
It shatters the dreams God has given you

Keep your eyes just fixed on Him
For I know the plans I have for your life
You may not seem to understand
But now I am calling you to


Now it is the time to .?.
Take your rightful place .?.
Stronger than you think
You were born for greatness
Born to, rule and reign
Walk in your authority