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(Languages: English, Swahili)

You are the God of signs and wonders
You are the God of miracles
You gave me joy and peace within, Lord
Yes, I have come to testify
No one can do the things You do
Always on time, you’re never late
I’ve come to stand and testify, Lord
This miracle was worth the wait

We testify, Ay ay ay, ay
We celebrate, ooh
For all you’ve done
Lord we give You all the praise

You stood by me when no one could
You are the Love that never leaves
I am here to testify Lord
Of how you took away my shame
You made something out of nothing
I can’t deny your love for me
Lord, I’m in a loss for words
My life is not the same again


Un’heshimisha Yesu (You’ve removed shame from me)
This is my day of victory / to celebrate
For all the things you’ve done for me
I’ve got to stand and testify

Response: Kweli kweli mungu ni chefu (Truly God is ..?..)
Mutetezi wangu (My defender)
Mungu wa majeshi, (God of Hosts)
Mungu wa mapendo (God of Love)
Hakuna Mwingine (There’s no other)
Umetende mema (You have done good)
Juu yangu Baba (For me, Father)