(Sung in Swahili)

Wema na fadhili Zako (Your goodness and mercies )
Za milele na milele (Endures forever)
Wema na fadhili Zako Yahweh (Your goodness and mercies, Yahweh)
Za milele na milele (Endures forever) (Repeat)

Give thanks to God Almighty, mhm!
His love endures forever!
Give thanks to the King of kings, eeei!!
His love endures forever!
He’s a Power He does great wonders, ehe!
His love endures forever!
By his Power He saves His anointed, mmm!
His love endures forever!


Repeat: His love endures forever
Aliumba mbingu na nchi kwa busara yake Jehovah
(He created heavens and earth in His wisdom)
Mwaminifu habadiliki kamwe, ehee!
(He is faithful and never changes)
Jangwani atuongoza Jehovah! Aha!
(When in the wilderness Jehovah guides)
Siku zote Yeye Baba atulinda, mhhm!
(Every day He guards us)



Lyrics submitted by David Macharia M