You own the life You gave to me
Your Spirit air, is all I breathe
You have my heart, You think of me
And You know the cost of my offering (Repeat)

Oh Yahweh, Yahweh exalted
Yahweh forever, You’re the King of my Days
Oh Jesus, Jesus exalted
Jesus forever, You are the King of my Days

(From the Top)


Repeat: Oh my soul, you must rise and see Your God, Exalted
I commend my soul
Speak yo my soul
Somebody say oh my soul
He is now Exalted
Far above our problems
Far above situations
Far above the troubles of this world
Exalted above every situation, every trouble

Repeat: Refrain
My God is exalted x3
Jesus is exalted x3

Yahweh forever, every day that I live
Exalt You forever, King of my Days
Forever, exalted
Forever, exalted
Forever, exalted