(Languages: English, Zulu)

Come Holy Spirit, move among us
Come Holy Spirit
Flow Living Water; Flow within us
Flow Living Water

Your Love is alive, it’s breaking the darkness
It’s bringing the Light, to soften the heart of stone
Your Love is alive, tt’s breaking the darkness
It’s winning the fight, and bringing the orphan home

Uthando ‘thando, Lwakho lwakho (Your Love)
Luyaphila, luyaphila (Is alive)
Umbuso, umbuso; Wakho, Wakho (Your Kingdom)
Uyaphila, uyaphila (Is alive)

A Love that is active
A Love that is captive
To pursin’ a heart that is passive
I can’t explain the feeling
Of being loved by a Love
That is living and breathing
A love that never destroys
Even after I throw out a cot-ful(?) of toys
But Love that always endures
That it employs itself to come drown out all of the noise
When I’m demo(?) beamin’, boilin’ or steamin’
When I’m happy or when I’m kicking and screaming
Through sowin’ and reapin’
When I’m growin’ and weepin’
Somehow Your Love is still mine for the keepin’
And I’m distant; when I am not receivin’
In that instant when I am not believin’
I still can’t explain this feeling
Of being loved by a Love that is living and breathing

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