(Languages: English, Yoruba)

My victory is in Your blood
My confidence is in Your Name
You took the shame so I can shine
So much you did without a price

Ese! Ese! Ese o, ema se (Thank You! Thank You! Oh Thank You!)
Ese, ese o, ema se (Thank You, Thank You, Thank You)

This is not just a lovely song
This is the story of my days
I’m a product of Your grace
I won’t be here without Your love
That is why I sing


I just want to thank You, For Your love
For the perfect sacrifice
You made for me on the cross
I just want to Thank You
Lord, I just want to thank You
For the blood you shed, that set me free
and made me live, O Lord I’m grateful
Lord where would I be without You?
Lord where would we be without You?
I’m grateful, I’m grateful, Ese o!


After all is said and done
I’m who I am because of You
What can I give for all this love?
What can I say, but give you thanks?