Bawo Wethu (Our Father) Lyrics by Lundi Tyamara

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(Sung in Zulu)

Bawo wethu, bawo, ulikhaya lethu (Our father you are our refuge, Father)
Lethu sonke Bawo Bawo wethu (All of us Father, our Father)

Sicel’uxolo Kuwe (We ask for Your forgiveness)
Sicel’amandla Kuwe (We ask for Your strength)
Sicel’uthando Baba (We ask for Your Love, Father)

S’thelele Baba (Forgive us Father)
S’thelele Baba (Forgive us Lord)
Ebunzimeni (In this world)
Balo mhlaba (Full of hardship)

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Mphefumlo Wami (My Breath) Lyrics by Lundi Tymara

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(Sung in Zulu)

‘Mphefumlo wam’ wophelelaphi? (My breath/soul/life, where will you end?)
Kwezi ntlungu zalo umhlaba (In the midst of pain on this earth)
Ilanga lam’ seliyoshona (My sun (life) is about to set)
Nkosi yam’ nguwe owaziyo! (My God, only you know!)
(Repeat x?)

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