Adonai (Lord, God) Lyrics by Rebecca Malope ft Amadodana Ase Wesile

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(Languages: English, Zulu)

Adonai, Msindisi wam’ (Lord God, My Savior)
Elohim, my God
Ungujehova nanamhlanje (You are the Lord even today)
You are worthy to be praised (Repeat)

Your Grace and Mercy follow, everywhere I go
Show me Goodness, everlasting Love
You are worthy to be praised
Ngiyakulwela uthando lwako (I fight for Your Love)
Ngiyakulwela ingceba zakho (I fight for Your Mercies)
Your Grace and Mercy follow me every where
You are worthy

Refrain 2:
You are worthy to be praised x2
Ungujehova nanamhlanje (You are the Lord even today)
You are worthy to be praised (Repeat)


(Refrain 2)


Ngibe Muhle Nam’ (That I Be Beautiful as Well) Lyrics by Deborah Fraser / Rebecca Malope

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(Sung in Zulu)

Ngibonga wena Jesu (I thank You Jesus)
Uma ungibiza (For You called me)
Bengilahlekile (I was once lost)
Manje ngitholakele (But now I’m found)

Yeb’ ngiyavuma (Yes, I accept)
Ng’sebenzise Nkosi yam’ (Use me, My God)
Ngenze ungigezisise (Wash and cleanse me)
Ngibe muhle nami (That I be beautiful as well)

Bengiyintandane (For I was once an orphan)
Ngingenakhaya (Without a home)
Ngihamba ngilala Baba (Father I would walk and sleep)
Noma kukuphi na (Anywhere/Everywhere)

Suka kimi sathane (Begone from me Satan!)
Ngino Jesu wami (For I have Jesus with me)
Uyangiphilisa (For he restores me )
Ngizizwa ngimusulwa (I feel new/pure)


Look At Me by Rebecca Malope and Tshwane Gospel Choir

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Look at me Oh Lord, and answer my prayers
Restore my strength, don’t let me die

Look at me Oh Lord my God
Answer my prayers, restore my strength – don’t let me die
Father You are the way, the way of life
Whoever comes in by You will be saved


Tell me what I’m supposed to do
If I lose my whole family and my best friends to
I’ll need Your help Oh Lord, don’t let me die
I need your help Oh Lord, don’t let me die


When my enemy comes, let him find me protected
By the Holy Spirit Glory be to you
I’ll need your touch oh my Lord don’t let me die
I need your touch Oh Lord don’t let me die


Tshwarelo ya dibe tsaka (Forgive me my Sins) Sung by Rebecca

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(Sung in Sotho)

Tshwarelo ya dibe tsaka (Forgive me my sins)

Morena re hauhele (Lord have mercy on me)

Ti wo wo….

Morena re hauhele (Lord have mercy on me)

Let Me Come to You (Vuyo’s Last Song) Lyrics by Vuyo Mokoena/Rebecca Malope


Jesus, my healer;
Jesus, my comforter
The pain that I feel now is nothing
Compared to the pain You felt at the cross

Just for me, Just for me
That alone gives me strength
Sometimes I feel, I feel like giving up
But I’m always reminded – that by your stripes
By your stripes, By your stripes; I’m healed

There is so much power, but the only power: Resurrection power
I will rise up from this bed, And lift up your Holy Name
Yes, You are the Holy one
Your name is Jesus, son of the living God
Your name is Jehovah
Oh, let me come; Let me come, to You

Let me come; Let me come… to You

Lona ba ratang (You Who Desires) Lyrics by Palesa Manthoko /Rebecca Malope/ Sechaba Padi


[Rebecca Malope/Sechaba Padi’s version (YouTube)]
(Sung in Sotho – A hymn)

Lona ba ratang ho phela (You who desires to live)
Mohlapeng oa Jesu (Within Jesus’ flock)
Hopolang tsietsi tsa tsela (Remember the trials of the way)
E isang ha eso (That leads home)

Ba inkele sefapano (They must carry their own cross)
Mahetleng a bona (On their shoulders)
Ba tle ba shoele likano (And die for the covenant)
Tsee ba leng ho tsona (That they they have made)

Amen amen…

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