(Languages: English, Zulu)

Wena uyingcwele (You are worthy to be praised) x3
Akheko njengawe (There’s none like You)
Othembekile njalo (Always reliable)
Impilo yami yonke ifakaza ngawe
(My whole life testifies about You) (Repeat)

He said he is seeking those who will worship Him in spirit and in truth
And he says “I’ve instructed you to be holy as I am”

Let me tell you something
God, is God by himself
He needs no one to make him God
When you worship God and you praise God
I believe that you are doing yourself a great favor
God will never demand anything from anybody
That he has never done for somebody


Response: Uyingcwele (Be praised)
Uyingcwele (Be praised) x?
I speak a blessing upon each and everyone of you
I reassign all demonic assignment back to hell where it belongs
It doesn’t belong to you, it belongs in hell
I release You from the powers and the principalities of darkness right now

Uyingcwele (Be praised)
Uyingcwele Baba (Father praised)!
Uyingcwele! (Be praised!)
Uyingcwele Baba (Father praised)! (Repeat)