Renew my Strength Lyrics by Benjamin Dube

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Renew my strength
Renew my life (Repeat)

Repeat: Refrain
I’m down on my knees
I’m weak, You are strong Oh Lord
Would you renew? Please Jesus
Would You in the morning
Down on my knees, Jesus
Renew! Would You renew Jesus

They that wait upon the Lord
Shall renew their strength
They shall mount up with wings like an eagle
They shall run and not be weary
They shall walk and not faint
Teach me to wait (Repeat)




I Choose Jesus Lyrics by Spirit of Praise ft. Bongi Damans and Benjamin Dube

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I have made many choices in my life
Some of them I’m not proud of
Giving into losing life
Blinded by a ?
And deaf in my defense
I was faced with many choices to make
Many voices to bring
Then I heard, a still small voice
Saying “I choose you”

“I choose You, I choose You
You, yes you. I choose You
I love You, I love you
You, yes you — I love you”

At age 14, I made a choice between the world and the Word
And I chose the Word. For the world passes away, but the Word of God remains the same.
John chapter 1 verse 1: In the beginning was the word, and the Word was with God.
And the word was, God. He was in the beginning with God.
All things were made through Him. And nothing without Him was made that was made.
In Him was life, and the life was the light of men.
And the Light shines, but the darkness could not comprehend it.
I pray today, that even as I chose Jesus,
That someone here today may choose the unchanging Word of God
The Bible says: He is the same yesterday, today and forever
The world passes away, but behold His Word will remain forever
And this is the reason why I am still standing today, Because I chose Jesus

Repeat: Refrain
And I pray that you may choose Him tonight
He will never let you down.
He’s the beginning, and He is the end.
If you want to remain forever, stay close to Him
I Love Him. Come on somebody
If you love the Lord, raise your hands right now
Say Lord I love You. Yes, I love Him!

I choose Jesus, I choose Jesus.
He’s my change
I choose Jesus
I choose Jesus: He’s my change
I choose Jesus! (Repeat)

I love Jesus, He’s my change
I say, I love Jesus
He’s my change, Say I love

I choose x3 Jesus (Repeat)

Response: I choose x3 Jesus
How many are choosing today
Come on, I choose
I love Him, nobody will separate me
From the Love of God x3
He’s my joy, He’s my peace
He’s my deliverance, He’s my Healer
He’s my Father, He’s my Savior
He’s my Healer, Jesus!

Yeso Una Mina (Jesus You are with Me) Lyrics by Benjamin Dube ft. Mabongi Mabaso

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(Sung in Xitsonga/Chichangana)

Uta ndzi hlulela Yeso (I am a conqueror with Jesus)
Ka hinkwaswo swi ndzi tikaka (In the burdens I carry .?.)
Maxangwini ne nhlomulweni (In my trials and tribulations)
Yeso una mina (Jesus You are with me) (Repeat)

Dzunisa, dzunisa, dzunisa (Praise Him, Praise Him, Praise (the Lord))
Moya wanga (My Soul)
Dzunisa oh dzunisa (Bless Him, oh bless Him)
Yeso una mina (Jesus You are with me) (Repeat)

Yehova I murisi wa mina (The Lord is my Shepherd)
Ndzi ngaka ndzi nga pfumali nchumu (I shall not want)
Ni loko ndzi nga famba (Though I walk through)
Enkoveni wa xinyama (The valley of death)
Andzi chavi yeso una mina (I will not fear, Jesus is with me) (Repeat)


Uvumile (He Has Agreed) Lyrics by Benjamin Dube ft. Xolani Mdlalose

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(Sung in Zulu)

A – avumile ‘kuthi ngiphu-phumelele
(The heavens have agreed that I prosper/succeed) (Repeat)

Avumile ‘kuthi ngiphu-phumelele
(The heavens have agreed that I prosper/succeed) (Repeat)

U-uvumile ‘kuthi ngiphu-phumelele
(He has agreed/approved that I prosper) (Repeat)

Uvumile ‘kuthi ngiphu-phumelele
(He has agreed/approved that I prosper) (Repeat)

(From the top)

Victorious Lyrics by Benjamin Dube ft. Dube Brothers

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Oh oh oh oh!

We’ve got the, We’ve got the
We’ve got the victory, tory (Repeat)

Victorious, through Jesus Christ, Yes
Who conquered death, for you and me
So no weapon formed against me
Shall kill or try destroy me
Saved by the Blood, that set me free

This victory, forged at the Cross
Forged in His Blood, purged for the lost
Yes shout it loud, hey!
Our heavens cries, Has been answered
It’s yours and mine!


I feel like I should have been on high ground by now
I make a lot of mistakes, but God, hears my prayer,
He gives me strength
(He is) the reason that I’m still standing (victorious)
I am, and you are, victorious!

Devil you’ve wanted us for too long
And now you’ll notice the curtain’s drawn, we’re all gone
The barricade of believers have sounded alarms
The sound of the final trumpet, the revelation, the Lord has come
The Lord has come to ripple through the enemy’s hedges we’ve got the Son
So I suggest you return on back home for the One has come

Oh oh oh oh!
We’re victorious! (Repeat)


Oh oh oh oh!
Victory is ours
Victory is mine
Victory is yours (Repeat)

I Praise Your Name Lyrics by Benjamin Dube

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I praise Your Name, Strength of my Life
I worship Elohim, Lifter of my soul (Repeat)

My deliverer! Breaker of my chains
El Olam! Elohim! Lifter of my soul (Repeat)


Glory and Honor belongs to You
“Sovereign God” is Your Name (Repeat)


My deliverer! Breaker of my chains
El Olam! Elohim! Lifter of my soul (Repeat)


Hold Me Tight Lyrics by Benjamin Dube

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One day Jonah (?) ain’t no way
Instead of going to Nineveh
He then went to Tarshish
Sometimes I lose my way, and do my will
The see myself losing power (Repeat)

Hold me Jesus!
Hold me tight, Loving arms
Before I lose my way (Repeat)

They told me you’ve never been
They tell me you ain’t there
They tell me You told me you’ve never been
But I tell them You’ve been there
And I tell them You are there
‘Cause You are Alpha and Omega (Repeat)


Oh Ha la la! Oh, Ha la la!
Uh, uh, uh (Repeat)


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