Lifts me up, when I fall;
He’s my ever present help
In time of need
Covers me with his righteousness

A healer; healer he is to me
When I’m falling, When I’m wounded and worn
Jesus takes me, into his loving arms again
What a healer, healer he is to me

How often, have I wandered away
From safety, have I drifted away
But Jesus had to suffer to rescue me
He treats me, as no rebel at all

He lifts me up – every time that I fall
He’s my ever present help in times of need
And He covers me with his righteousness
What a healer, what a healer


What a healer he is to me x2
Jehovah Rapha my healer x2
And if he can do it for me, He can do it for you
You don’t have to worry no more
So receive your healing, receive your healing
Everybody help me say

Receive your healing…
It’s here…
It’s yours …