You pulled me out of the troubles
You gave your life for my salvation
You love me more than enough
You are my savior (repeat)

Thank you Jesus (x8)

I couldn’t my life for a brother
But you’ve judged(?) a way for me the way to do it
By the blood that you shed in the cross
That my eyes can see the power of hope


I’m thankful, you pick me up when I was down
Even when I fall, you were there to place me on higher ground
You were there when no one was around
You held my hands through the dark times
Everything is better now
I thank you for the love and grace
I thank you for your gentle touch
Lord I thank you for your warm embrace
I thank you for the price that you paid on the cross
I thank you that you gave me a better way
I just wanna say I love you
And I just wanna say that I place none above you
I’m thankful for the comfort that you […]
You’re the reason that I’m thankful
You’re the reason that I say